Monday, October 5, 2015

Hectic Life, Happy Toddler

Life can be hectic but children bring a special type of joy and sunshine.

Life updates:
1) Zoey can spell her name out loud!  We are still working on saying the letter y but she gets it and sounds off the next letter before you do!

2) Potty time! Zoey has been going to the potty now for a full whole week! She gets so upset if you don't let her go to the potty! Most of the time she only wants to sit in the potty to swing her legs, wipe, flush, and then slam the seat down (lol). We have started to get some tinkles in there *happy dance*.

3) ABCs, 123s. Zoey is sounding off the numbers! She lobes to repeat after you.

I have been so excited about her new developments. I do believe I'm raising a genius!

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