Monday, August 31, 2015

Style Inspiration

Hello Babes!

Check out this Style Inspiration Board I created featuring some of our favorite shops and brands!

top left: Confetti Babe top right: Little Rascals Shop
bottom left: Target bottom right: Desigual Kids

I have a hard time putting a label on the type of style I dress my daughter in. Some days we are girly, some days we are trendy and some days we love anything that feels comfy! Whatever the style may be labeled as, I really have fun dressing up my little gal in funky, bright, and whimsical threads.

This inspiration post first came to me while I was shopping at Super Target and I happened to score an awesome pair of Circo hi-tops on mega clearance. I previously found these hi-tops at full price and knew we had to have them but I could not find the size we needed and I left the store feeling defeated by my pal, ST!

When I returned a few days later for other miscellaneous (and very important items I'm sure) I thought I would just stroll by the shoes and check to see if they had the size I was looking for.

Well let me just tell you, not only did they have more size but they were marked down to around $9!!!

I was excited and already feeling like a total Momstar when I then decided had the genius idea to check my Cartwheel app (if you do not have this app you need it) and found that all clearance shoes were an additional 25% off. I grabbed 3 pairs of various clearance shoes and made a mad dash to the check out aisle where they all rang up for a grand total of $13.98!

With my Lucy's new shoes ready for wearing, I started thinking up some fun outfits to put together such as this one below which she rocked the very next day.

What do you think of this outfit inspiration? Do you have a favorite "style" for your little one?

Also I would love if you have any great app recommendations for creating flat lays! Comment below!

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-XO Carly

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back to school

It's back to school week, and I want to know how is it going for you and your family? Please Share


Monday, August 17, 2015

Buy, Sell, Trade: The Riches of Resale

Buying clothes for kids can really start to add up. Sometimes the price is high but often I find things that we outgrew before we even had a chance to wear them. I consider myself a bargain shopper and cringe at the thought of throwing money away where it could have been saved.

Before I was a mom, I loved shopping for myself. (Okay, I still love it.) I discovered Poshmark, an app where you can buy and sell clothes straight out of your closet. The idea was simple and the process was quite painless. I never cared much for eBay and loved that when an item from my closet sold on Poshmark, the app would automatically email me a shipping label (which the buyer paid for) and all I was left to do was package up the item(s), put the label on, and drop it in the mail. A few days later the funds from my sale would be deposited into my account balance and I could cash out the balance or spend it on other's items for sale within the app.

Once Lucy started to outgrow her clothes I found myself hanging on to certain items that I felt still held value. I wasn't exactly hoarding them for the possibility of a future sibling, but I just couldn't get myself to donate those adorable Kickee Pants, or unique boutique dresses. I was on the hunt for something similar to Poshmark but for children's clothing. I found a couple of apps and they were okay. I also found a few pages on Facebook locally and nationally where you can buy, sell and trade children's clothing according to the page's brand, rules, and criteria. I also created an Instagram account solely for the purpose of Lucy's wardrobe buying and selling. These outlets were all helpful, but none of them proved as successful or as painless as my experiences with Poshmark.

Until one day...

I discovered Kidizen.

Kidizen is a place to buy and sell children's clothing, shoes, accessories, nesting items and maternity clothes. The app links directly with your PayPal account which makes buying and selling a secured breeze, not to mention shipping! Shipping through PayPal is cheaper than visiting your local post office and once you have the packing tricks down you will be saving money left and right.

Here's another great thing about Kidizen -  It's a community.

I have found since joining Kidizen I have become a part of this wonderful community of parents, grandparents and shop owners. They also run a Facebook page, Hello Kidizen where they are always helping to promote shops, daily threads which cater to various deals, a place to bounce ideas and a space to meet some really great people. (Check out Momizens too where all kinds of topics can be discussed.)

Follow our closets here:

@SeeJayne on Poshmark @AnotherBabyMaybe on Kidizen

There is a reason I felt the need to hang on to some items that held value and that reason is that they ARE valuable. There is a certain joy in letting go of things and sending them off to carry on their beautiful purpose in the home of someone else who will love that something just as much as you did. It also doesn't hurt that you make a little money along the way to "re-invest" back into your child's new wardrobe. Since I have started in this wonderful world of resale, I have made an average of $300-$1000 per month off of items I have that are no longer being used in our home. The average fluctuates depending on the season, but some items I have sold have even generated a profit over what I purchased the item for originally.

I encourage you to check out these apps and find out for yourself just how much money you have hanging up in your closets!

Check out these referral codes, use them when you sign up and we could both be entered in a chance to win an awesome giveaway on Kidizen and an automatic $5 to spend on Poshmark:

Kidizen Referral Code: mxh2t
Poshmark Referral Code: HGLJF

What is your favorite way to save extra cash while shopping for the kiddos?

-XO Carly

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Bucket List

Summer is ending and school is about to start! Many people have bucket list or create bucket list for themselves or for the family....

With that being said were you able to make a bucket list for the summer for yourselves or your family? If so where you able to check some stuff off now that summer is ending, please share your summer Bucket List with us.

Here is mines

This summer was a first summer for our son, and with our son. So you can imagine what my family bucket list included many first that is...

Baseball game and our hometown won 
Train ride while at the zoo
First father's day celebration for my husband
Pool time fun
Ice cream by the pool...shh while daddy was working

We had other things on the list but due to this crazy heat, it just to hot to go out there and do much. But summer hasn't ended just yet, and I'm hoping to do a little more before it does, so stay tuned!!!


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Nuby Brand Rep

Hey there mamas! We're super excited that we were chosen as brand reps for Nuby! We have a ton of Nuby products and it only seemed right to rep something that we use daily and absolutely love!

Here are some of our favorites that we have gotten to try.

Cool Insulated cup: This cup is AWESOME! It was challenging at first for Zoey and she wanted nothing to do with it. I put it off for awhile. We were out and that was the only cup that we had because it was extremely hot.  I gave her the cup and she went at it like a pro! That cup goes everywhere with her now! She loves it!

Flower Child Snack Keeper: The name speaks for itself! It keeps snacks in place. I don't think I can picture myself picking up scattered goldfish anymore (lol). This is an amazing product. 

No Spill Cups with Lids and Straws: This is another favorite because it's a "big girl" cup and she loves doing big girl things! The cups don't leak! She loves having the straws! They are temper tantrum safe!

Bath numbers and letters: We love these. I love these because I can just put them in the bath with her and they stick to the walls and tub so easily! They are a breeze to clean up and lots of fun to play with!

I would totally recommend all of these products! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @zobosmommy and Nuby @nubyusa

Monday, August 3, 2015

Easy, Breezy, Summer Recipe

Here in the northeastern part of the country it feels like summer has just arrived, and at the same time I am already getting excited for fall. I have been secretly dreaming about dressing Lucy in shades of mustard, navy and burnt orange, while sipping something pumpkin flavored and cuddling under a blanket. Oh, not to mention watching college football.

However since summer has decided to make a late debut, I was feeling the urge to cook a delicious summertime meal and found myself scouring Pinterest. (Because let’s just throw one more cliché into this post.)

I found some great, light, easy meals but decided this one was the easiest of them all.
It was amazing and a huge success in this household.

We substituted white wine vinegar for the white wine, used regular fettucine, and for our veggies we stuck with broccoli and added grape tomatoes. Here was our end result:


-XO Carly