Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tradition Hispanic Wife to New Blog Name

Hello everyone! I was behind the Tradition Hispanic Wife but now I have a new name and here is why:

It's almost been a year since becoming a first time mommy and why not celebrate by changing my blog name to

Adventures as a Wife and Mommy

I hope you enjoy my adventures, since going to wife and mommy it has been one adventure after another...and you know what I would not have it any other way.

My big blessing was becoming a wife almost 7 years ago, and even bigger blessing was becoming a mommy a boy mom at that almost year ago. I thought being a wife was an adventure but being a mommy is even a greater adventure, with a few things in common it has it ups and downs, lot of happiness, and of course makes you want to go, but hey I love this adventure of being a wife and a mommy.

Hope you come and join me and my family on our adventures, and here is to many more!! ENJOY!


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