Monday, July 27, 2015

Out of Town Visitor

Hi blog mamas!! My brother is in town! I can't convey the excitement that I feel being able to see him again after almost 1 year!

My brother moved to Chicago with his wife so that she could complete her residency at a hospital in Chicago. They have been there for two years now. Last Thanksgiving we visited them there in Chicago. It has almost been a year since we have seen him. He got a break from work and decided to come home.

I was excited but also nervous. I was nervous because my daughter was a baby then but now she's a tad bit older and I was worried that she may be shy or not recognize him. That nervousness turned into a little fear because I didn't want his feelings to be hurt if she didn't want to approach him. They talk on the phone often so I hoped that would help with her recognizing him. To our surprise she ran right up to him and has been absolutely smitten with him! She loves blowing him kisses and being held by him. I am extremely excited that things went well.

Have any of you mamas dealt with this? Please share your stories!

My brother will be here for a full week. I will update with more pictures!

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