Saturday, July 11, 2015

Beat The Heat

Hey mamas! Whew it's HOT out! The blistering heat has forced me to be creative with ways to keep my sweet babe cool while enjoying outdoor playtime.
Zoey LOVES being outside. She doesn't care what the weather is like, she wants to be outside. She knows how to get shoes (a matching pair) and waves to say bye bye when she's ready to go outside. Right now during the summer heat it can be very hot and we have created some fun ways to beat the heat.
Frozen yogurt pops! I purchased a Popsicle container from IKEA just because last year and never used it. Zoey loves yogurt and I figured it would be a fun idea to freeze them! I put a scoop of fruit in them first and then pour some yogurt in them. They have been a hit with her!
Waterhose sprinkler! I pulled out an old water hose and punched a ton of holes in it. I hooked it up and turned it one. Free water park! Zoey absolutely loves running through it.
What are some fun ways you and your babes like to beat the heat?
Happy Summer! 

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