Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tradition Hispanic Wife to New Blog Name

Hello everyone! I was behind the Tradition Hispanic Wife but now I have a new name and here is why:

It's almost been a year since becoming a first time mommy and why not celebrate by changing my blog name to

Adventures as a Wife and Mommy

I hope you enjoy my adventures, since going to wife and mommy it has been one adventure after another...and you know what I would not have it any other way.

My big blessing was becoming a wife almost 7 years ago, and even bigger blessing was becoming a mommy a boy mom at that almost year ago. I thought being a wife was an adventure but being a mommy is even a greater adventure, with a few things in common it has it ups and downs, lot of happiness, and of course makes you want to go, but hey I love this adventure of being a wife and a mommy.

Hope you come and join me and my family on our adventures, and here is to many more!! ENJOY!


Monday, July 27, 2015

Out of Town Visitor

Hi blog mamas!! My brother is in town! I can't convey the excitement that I feel being able to see him again after almost 1 year!

My brother moved to Chicago with his wife so that she could complete her residency at a hospital in Chicago. They have been there for two years now. Last Thanksgiving we visited them there in Chicago. It has almost been a year since we have seen him. He got a break from work and decided to come home.

I was excited but also nervous. I was nervous because my daughter was a baby then but now she's a tad bit older and I was worried that she may be shy or not recognize him. That nervousness turned into a little fear because I didn't want his feelings to be hurt if she didn't want to approach him. They talk on the phone often so I hoped that would help with her recognizing him. To our surprise she ran right up to him and has been absolutely smitten with him! She loves blowing him kisses and being held by him. I am extremely excited that things went well.

Have any of you mamas dealt with this? Please share your stories!

My brother will be here for a full week. I will update with more pictures!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Have Child, Still Travel

Hello Confetti Babes!

My name is Carly. I am a stay at home mom to my little girl Lucy who just turned 18 months old. My husband and I have always had a serious passion for travel. We have lived in England, Thailand and are now back in the good ol' US of A, but we never know just how long we will be here.  We tend to get the itch if we stay in one place for too long and we jump at opportunities to live and work abroad. Since being married almost seven years, we have visited over 50 countries, traveled 6 continents and shared 12 countries (and adding) with our traveling toddler.

Lucy and I in Barcelona, Spain

When we announced our pregnancy to friends and family, we had a lot of people tell us we wouldn't be able to travel the world anymore, and we were out to prove the skeptics wrong. Traveling with an infant/toddler can be tricky, but there are plenty of ways to make your travels stress free and I love sharing my secrets. I also write a mommy travel blog that you can read here.

Lucy at The Great Wall of China

I will be sharing blurbs from daily life such as must have, must do, and must eat! I look forward to sharing more with you all soon!

-XO Carly

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Beat The Heat

Hey mamas! Whew it's HOT out! The blistering heat has forced me to be creative with ways to keep my sweet babe cool while enjoying outdoor playtime.
Zoey LOVES being outside. She doesn't care what the weather is like, she wants to be outside. She knows how to get shoes (a matching pair) and waves to say bye bye when she's ready to go outside. Right now during the summer heat it can be very hot and we have created some fun ways to beat the heat.
Frozen yogurt pops! I purchased a Popsicle container from IKEA just because last year and never used it. Zoey loves yogurt and I figured it would be a fun idea to freeze them! I put a scoop of fruit in them first and then pour some yogurt in them. They have been a hit with her!
Waterhose sprinkler! I pulled out an old water hose and punched a ton of holes in it. I hooked it up and turned it one. Free water park! Zoey absolutely loves running through it.
What are some fun ways you and your babes like to beat the heat?
Happy Summer!