Wednesday, March 4, 2015

▶ Oh Hey, Lazy Girl

So I have a confession to make, y'all.
I am horribly lazy.

It isn't funny. It's not cute. It sure as heck isn't charming. It's actually really crippling and frustrating, and I'm not overly sure what I should do about it.

Mike gets really upset with me because I ask him to do things a lot. I don't even notice I'm doing it. So I've made it a goal to focus on just doing things for myself, even so simple as grabbing something that may or may not be closer to him than me. 

Not only does it affect my relationship, but it's also affecting my mental and physical health. For example, I will really want to work out, but I can't bring myself to get going. It's so much more than a lack of motivation. I have the motivation, I am just always so exhausted and I just want to lay down... Part of me thought that when I became a mom I would somehow find the magic mom motivation and become a super neat freak and all-around type A personality - aka super mom! But alas, no such luck.

I suffer from very slight agoraphobia, which is anxiety about leaving the house, as well as depression (I discuss it pretty openly on my personal blog). These things make it hard for me to tell if my apprehension/lack of motivation is due to THAT, or just general laziness. Especially in the winter. I really hate winter...

So I decided to ask you guys.. do you ever struggle with something like this?
What tips do you have for me? What worked or works for you?


  1. Something that helps me is telling myself "if I start the laundry now, I can watch this TV show while it's washing, win win!" Just a "If I do this, I can do that after." type of thing. Kind of rewarding myself for whatever I did. Also I'm able to be lazy better, I mean relax better ;), if it's not weighing on my mind that I didn't do or finish something. Work now, play later, type thing. Hopefully that helps! Also, don't lay down! Laying down is end game. Ha, my mom used to always say that to us when we were growing up "If I sit down, I won't get back up." I feel the same way now that I have kids! Just don't sit down... YET. Finish what you gotta do so you don't feel crappy about never getting back up to finish it lol hope it helps!

    1. Good call haha, I totally need to just NOT sit down! 🙌😂

  2. I am trying to lose weight so I am eating better, drinking more water, and making myself do more. The nasty crazy weather here has been tough because we have been trapped inside and I have just wanted to eat. My daughter is 15 months and she's very active. I try to do as much as possible with her so that I am active as well. Even if its just playing blocks. It's a struggle but eating fresher foods and drinking a ton of water has definitely boosted my energy!

    1. Good call on the water intake.. I am working on that as well! I'm so thankful things seem to be thawing out here, because I am the same as you.. I feel trapped by the winter.