Thursday, March 19, 2015

life lately + giveaways

Lilly's Playroom

Our Family Room
We have officially been staying in our house for about two weeks now and I can confidently say it's starting to look like a home. All the boxes inside the house have been unpacked and the rooms are basically set up how we want. We still have a few things to hang in our room, and P's nursery hasn't even been touched, but we are making significant progress. There are also 30 boxes in the garage that still need unpacking, but at least I don't have to look at them. This coming weekend we are aiming to get P's nursery painted, and put together. Then next week I can wash clothes, put them away and feel somewhat ready for her.

All the excitement of moving has been hard on my body and you may have seen I was put on light bed rest. I started having contractions after we started moving, I truly thought that they were just braxton hicks and nothing to worry about but I mentioned them to the Doctor just to be safe. Although the contractions are not strong they don't stop when I lay down and drink water, and I was basically having them all day every day. So just to be safe the Doctor said no more moving for me. Right now the kitchen cabinets are partially painted (it honestly looks ridiculous ), and I have a hutch that needs a serious makeover. It really has been hard just accepting that my house may not be exactly how I want it when P arrives, but her health and safety is what matters.

I have also learned something new these past few weeks. Did you know that eighteen month sleep regression is a thing? Well it is, and Lilly hasn't napped in what feels like forever. This pregnant mama really needs a nap time break, and at the end of the day I am truly exhausted. I am just thankful she is going through this before P arrives. Everything I have read says this is just a stage and it will pass. Here is to hanging in there until it does.

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  1. I LOVE her play room!! Cant wait to see a full tour of the house

    1. Thanks Misty, hopefully things start looking put together enough that I can post one!

  2. Ahh the 18 month sleep regression is no joke, I can't imagine being pregnant during it!! Hope those contractions stop until it's time for baby P to arrive! OX