Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Letter to my Bae

Sweet Girl,
I am writing this for you because I want you to know how special every day is; what a gift from God every moment is, and I hope you know that every moment spent with you is treasured and cherished. I couldn't be more blessed to share my everyday with you and watch you learn as you grow. 

Even though it's early in the morning; we are awake! I feel your little sissy is kicking in my tummy and watch your fresh and sleepy eyes open, I take in your sweet smile and a "hi Mommy!" At that exact moment, I feel blessed beyond belief.  You give her kisses and I give you kisses. I'm certain that she knows how much she is loved even though she is months away from seeing us. In the same moment, I can't imagine loving another little being as much as I love you, but I know God will grow my heart and make it perfect. 

Even if I'm still in the fuzzy and warm sentiment, you're now telling me it's time for milk and breakfast...up and at 'em we go! You are 20 months now and so busy every second; you truly amaze me at what you learn each day and the depths you grow in just minutes it seems.  

Our days are filled with laughs and tickles; kisses and giggles.  We play, read, watch cartoons, run errands and cook together. You are my little best friend, and I couldn't imagine our day any differently. To me, it's perfect.

One of your favorite things to do lately is bake. You like to help and stand on a chair while I bake. You especially love to lick the bowl and sneak little snacks here and there! You are exactly what I imagined my little girl to be when I dreamt of you. Sometimes, we even have bubble bath parties! Those are your favorite too!

We love our outings to Starbucks and Target! You especially like to shop from the dollar bins, and for that, your daddy is thankful!

Lately, you have been helping me with your sisters nursery. By help, I mean you dance in the crib while I try to decorate! You're a mess and I love it!

Little one, our days of just "you & me" may be coming to an end in just 3 short months, but these days are my favorite. These days will forever be cherished. These are the best days with you!

20 months of sweetness. 20 months of laughs. 20 months of me questioning if I'm doing this "mommy thing" right. 20 months of tears from loving you so much it is indescribable. 20 months of prayers over you and praising Jesus for you. These have been the best 20 months of my life!

You are just as sweet as the sugar cookie batter you love, and you make life so much sweeter!

 I love you to the moon time a million.

Love, Mommy

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