Monday, March 30, 2015

Hippity, Hoppity...Easter's on it's Way!

We had so much fun doing these pictures for Babiators and Little Noggins! Laikyn loves her "sunnies" and how adorable is this bunny ear flower crown? I'm in love...

I've included these two things in LC's Easter basket (more on that later in the week) and I love that they're both useful.  We seriously don't leave the house without the glasses. She's addicted; just like her mommy.

The great thing about this custom bunny ear flower crown is that when Easter has come and gone, you can take the ears off and just use it as a flower crown! We will definitely be doing that!

I am running a giveaway over at my Instagram to win one of these flower crowns! Head over and check it out so you don't miss out on it for your little one's Easter basket! Little Noggins ships super fast and is so easy to work with! Everything is custom, so you choose your colors and sizes!


What are you putting in your little's Easter basket?  What are your Easter plans? We can't wait to celebrate Jesus's resurrection in Canyon with my family AND celebrate my dad (pop pop)'s 60th birthday!! It will be a great weekend, for sure.

So...what are you waiting for? Go get your Little Noggins' crown and throw in some cute shades while you're at it!

Disclaimer : These Babiators were sent for review/brand representation for Babiators.  The flower crown bunny ears were sent for review by Little Noggins. The site did not receive any compensation for this post.  Opinions expressed are that of the contributors.

Quack! Quack! New friends joined our pack.

I wouldn't call my self an impulsive person. Truthfully though, there are moments in my life that show just how very impulsive I can be. This weekend we had one of those moments.

On a complete whim Austin and I decided to take on two ducks. 

Meet Willow and Lucy!

When we purchased a house I knew I wanted to add some backyard chickens, and was looking to do this next year. I wanted to give myself time not only to prepare but to also adjust to life with two kids. That was my practical side y'all, and just like that POOF it was gone.

Long story short, we fell across an add that was to good to resist and got a killer deal on these two and their coop. After asking a million questions I felt confident that this was something I could handle, I mean they really do seem pretty easy. Plus they each give us an egg a day, and it turns out that Lilly loves her some duck eggs.

So Saturday Austin went and picked them up, and home they came. My brother also came to town that day so my family came over for an informal BBQ. I don't get to see him nearly enough and I always enjoy when we all get together.

Sunday morning started late but still quite fast with a giant WOOF, and a giant QUACK. Austin got up with Lilly so I could sleep in, but mostly rest my aching hips and back. A few hours after Austin got up he came running upstairs with Lilly telling me I had to get up, that my duck had got out. I took Lilly and next thing I knew he was gone.

I got a call from him a little bit later saying he found Willow and she was hiding under someones porch and he needed my help. I bundled Lilly up in the stroller and sure enough Willow was under a neighbors porch. Thank the Lord the neighbors were so easy going about the whole thing. We got Willow out from under the porch and walked her back down the street to our house. I may or may not have seen a few neighbors laughing as Willow waddled her way back home, and all I could do was laugh right along with them.

Taking on two ducks so spur of the moment I knew we were going to face challenges and I am just thankful we found her and got her home safe. Turns out Rem bolted out the sliding glass door this morning when Austin went to feed them and went after her. There is a small section of our fence that is missing and with all the craziness Austin just hasnt got around to rebuilding it yet. We had something temporary up but poor Willow was so spooked and flew up over it and out of the yard. The rest of the day was spent working on the fence, running errands, and being a little lazy while we left the ducks who were now very spooked alone to adjust to their new home.

I still plan on adding chickens next year so we have both types of eggs, but I think this is a great start for now. Do any of y'all have ducks? I have been researching like crazy but would love some advice. Please leave a comment if you have any to share, I would love to make this transition as smooth as possible for Lucy and Willow.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

▶ 5 Best Apps For Littles Under 2

Okay, so I KNOW there's a ton of research saying you need to keep screens like TV and iPads away from kiddos until they're 2. TRUST ME, it seems like I've read it ALL, and we truly tried. Like many other things we tried to avoid when we became parents, it just happened into our lives and actually was a saving grace once in a while. Sometimes you just need a minute or two of silence, or you need Elmo to babysit while you shower. I won't judge you, because I know exactly how it feels.

Enter iPad. Of course a child would be curious about this neat thing that is bright, makes sounds, and responds to you touching it. She wanted to try, too. So I wanted an app that she could actually interact with and be entertained by. I began to search! Trial and error brought me to this list of apps that are great for kiddos who just want to touch and see a response, or listen to fun sounds and songs. There are lots of games for ages 2 - 4 that require counting and answering questions, but B isn't ready for that just yet. I love seeing her playing with these apps and actually interacting with them, knowing what she is supposed to do. Smarty pants!

If you have a little one under 2 that likes to play with your iPad, try some of the apps below. We LOVE them! And maybe grab this iPad case that is safe for babies! 

The 5 Best Apps For Littles Under 2

This was our first baby app. We got this app for B when she was very little and we would prop up the iPad up on it's stand and let her listen to the music while she played in her activity centre. It rotates a bunch of nursery rhymes and popular children's songs. You can get songs for free, and then download song packages for WAY less than the price of a CD. I like it because each one has a cute little animated music video. There is also stories you can download with videos that go with them! It's great for many ages. Download here!

Sago Mini makes a lot of adorable apps for little ones, however most of them cost money. I will likely get some more for B eventually, but right now we have two that were free that she really loves. Ocean Swimmer is one of them. In the app you are a little fish and you swim through the ocean (guided by tiny fingers). Anything you see on your travels (plants, other fish, objects) can be interacted with. It's simple yet captivating for little ones. I believe it is always free. Download here!

This one we downloaded when it was free. It's normally $3.49 I believe, but totally worth it. You hatch a bug from an egg by clicking on it and colour it however you wish. Then it hatches again (I guess that doesn't make sense, but B loves hatching it..), and you pick a hat for it to wear. Then you feed it and clean it and take it's picture! It's easy to use and very cute. It also stores all of your child's bugs so you can go back and look at them! Download here!

Endless Alphabet by Originator Inc.

This is a bit advanced for B so we play together, but it's a great way to learn letter recognition. We downloaded it when it was free. It is normally $7.99 and comes loaded with words. Little monsters scurry by and make the letters of the word go out of order! When you move the letters back to their proper place, they repeat the sound each letter makes, and animate. After the word is fixed, there's an animation that demonstrates the definition of the word, and a narrator defines the word. It is great for B as she grows. Download here!

Baby Chords by Keynote Star

This is simply a little board of musical notes that baby can play with just by tapping. This is one of the easiest games for little ones to play, because all it requires is tapping and it makes sounds. As the child gets older and learns patterns and colours, or learns musical notes, they can play actual songs. But we just use it for the fun music sounds. The app itself is free, but you can download other boards that make sounds of different instruments. Piano sounds are free and come with the download. Download now!

Are there any apps you love that I haven't listed above?
Tell me about them! I am always looking for more/new ones.


Misty Blue

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Shenanigans

Hey all! I have been so busy lately with life that I forgot to post last week! I'm here this week sharing some of our life lately and catching up with you all.  Do you ever just wake up and realize a whole week went by and wonder where the time went? That was last week for us.  I've been busy with the nursery for baby 2.0 and doing some reviews and giveaways here and there for the blog.  Mostly, I've been hanging out with my sweet girl and capturing the everyday that I am going to miss when baby 2 is here. I know I will forever cherish these days of just Laikyn and I, and I pray that the days ahead are better than these because they are pretty sweet.

Just a day after church with my sweet girl!

St. Patty's day

Testing out a new Nuby cup

Playing in the backyard with Daddy

Bath time!

We've been going on lots of walks! It's gorgeous here this week.

We went to the park with cousins Brynlee and Tyler!

Lots of swinging!

Silly girl!!!

My sis, Brandi, and the kids! We had a fun day at the park!

Weekend Highlights

Hey y'all! How is yet another weekend gone? It just doesn't seem fair.

Friday I started my day off with a one hour full body prenatal massage. This was my Christmas present from hubby. I had decided to save it until we were settled in our house and since I don't see us completely settled before the baby arrives I figured now was a good of time as any to do a little self pampering. It was extremely needed and appreciated, especially with how sore I have been. After that was done I headed back home to pick up Lilly and Austin so we could run errands. We were so fortunate that my mom had the day off and could take Lilly off our hands while we went and had our taxes done. After those were finished we picked Lilly up and got some groceries, and picked out paint for little sisters room.
I really do love to take weekends for family time but to be honest right now weekends are all about getting things done. Austins hours during the week are longer here and by the time he gets home from work it is dinner time, than he gives Lilly a bath and puts her to bed. That is their time. After a 12 hour day and helping with Lilly he is exhausted, and the last thing I want to do is give the poor man a to do list. I am basically useless with the doctor wanting me to take it easy so not much is getting done around the house during the week.

When I think about how little gets done during the week I feel like we are never going to be completely settled in this house. It just seems like the boxes will never be unpacked, and the projects will keep multiplying, but I am well aware this is probably just my hormones talking.

Anyways, this weekend our focus was the nursery for baby P. Saturday Austin got the nursery painted and put together her dresser. Lilly and I spent most of the day laying in bed, or on the couch since I was super sore and achy.
On Sunday things were pretty laid back, Lilly and I never even got out of our pajamas. We spent the morning playing with the box the crib came in. Lilly's had a blast while Austin pushed her across the floor in it. It was so much fun watching her just laugh and laugh. After playing all morning she took a nap. Yes I repeat: she. took. a. nap. and it was basically a miracle! During that time Austin got P's crib put together and we arranged the nursery. He had a weird schedule this weekend because he had to stand watch (through the night), but today after he gets some sleep today he will paint her dresser and start bringing clothes in for me to wash and sort.

I am going to feel so much better once the nursery is organized with (at least) the things she will need the first few weeks. This pregnancy has just flown by and I wish I had more time to prepare, but even if things are not perfectly laid out at least she will have clothes to wear. Last week, I wasn't even sure we would get that much accomplished before her arrival.

Austin has been such a trooper taking the brunt of everything. I feel so guilty laying around all day while he is non stop trying to get things done. Truth me told this pregnancy has been a rough one for me, and just sitting around is not my normal. But before we know it this phase of life will be behind us, and we will laugh at how stressful it seemed.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

life lately + giveaways

Lilly's Playroom

Our Family Room
We have officially been staying in our house for about two weeks now and I can confidently say it's starting to look like a home. All the boxes inside the house have been unpacked and the rooms are basically set up how we want. We still have a few things to hang in our room, and P's nursery hasn't even been touched, but we are making significant progress. There are also 30 boxes in the garage that still need unpacking, but at least I don't have to look at them. This coming weekend we are aiming to get P's nursery painted, and put together. Then next week I can wash clothes, put them away and feel somewhat ready for her.

All the excitement of moving has been hard on my body and you may have seen I was put on light bed rest. I started having contractions after we started moving, I truly thought that they were just braxton hicks and nothing to worry about but I mentioned them to the Doctor just to be safe. Although the contractions are not strong they don't stop when I lay down and drink water, and I was basically having them all day every day. So just to be safe the Doctor said no more moving for me. Right now the kitchen cabinets are partially painted (it honestly looks ridiculous ), and I have a hutch that needs a serious makeover. It really has been hard just accepting that my house may not be exactly how I want it when P arrives, but her health and safety is what matters.

I have also learned something new these past few weeks. Did you know that eighteen month sleep regression is a thing? Well it is, and Lilly hasn't napped in what feels like forever. This pregnant mama really needs a nap time break, and at the end of the day I am truly exhausted. I am just thankful she is going through this before P arrives. Everything I have read says this is just a stage and it will pass. Here is to hanging in there until it does.

I also have a couple giveaways going away on my Instagram, one for a Snap Bibs bib, and the other for a Soul Scripts print. Both of them end Friday night so be sure to go enter.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Letter to my Bae

Sweet Girl,
I am writing this for you because I want you to know how special every day is; what a gift from God every moment is, and I hope you know that every moment spent with you is treasured and cherished. I couldn't be more blessed to share my everyday with you and watch you learn as you grow. 

Even though it's early in the morning; we are awake! I feel your little sissy is kicking in my tummy and watch your fresh and sleepy eyes open, I take in your sweet smile and a "hi Mommy!" At that exact moment, I feel blessed beyond belief.  You give her kisses and I give you kisses. I'm certain that she knows how much she is loved even though she is months away from seeing us. In the same moment, I can't imagine loving another little being as much as I love you, but I know God will grow my heart and make it perfect. 

Even if I'm still in the fuzzy and warm sentiment, you're now telling me it's time for milk and breakfast...up and at 'em we go! You are 20 months now and so busy every second; you truly amaze me at what you learn each day and the depths you grow in just minutes it seems.  

Our days are filled with laughs and tickles; kisses and giggles.  We play, read, watch cartoons, run errands and cook together. You are my little best friend, and I couldn't imagine our day any differently. To me, it's perfect.

One of your favorite things to do lately is bake. You like to help and stand on a chair while I bake. You especially love to lick the bowl and sneak little snacks here and there! You are exactly what I imagined my little girl to be when I dreamt of you. Sometimes, we even have bubble bath parties! Those are your favorite too!

We love our outings to Starbucks and Target! You especially like to shop from the dollar bins, and for that, your daddy is thankful!

Lately, you have been helping me with your sisters nursery. By help, I mean you dance in the crib while I try to decorate! You're a mess and I love it!

Little one, our days of just "you & me" may be coming to an end in just 3 short months, but these days are my favorite. These days will forever be cherished. These are the best days with you!

20 months of sweetness. 20 months of laughs. 20 months of me questioning if I'm doing this "mommy thing" right. 20 months of tears from loving you so much it is indescribable. 20 months of prayers over you and praising Jesus for you. These have been the best 20 months of my life!

You are just as sweet as the sugar cookie batter you love, and you make life so much sweeter!

 I love you to the moon time a million.

Love, Mommy