Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Realization...

Looking at my calendar yesterday, I came to this realization:  in exactly four months I will be a mom of TWO.  Holy cow.  Where in the world did the time go?  So many questions rush through my mind when thinking about having two babies.  How will I love another baby like I do Laikyn?  How will I juggle everyday life with ANOTHER baby, as if one isn't hectic enough.  God, are you sure you trust me with TWO lives?  I know it's all God's plan and it's completely His Will, because that's all we've prayed.  But wow.  I'm a little nervous....

I have absolutely nothing done for this babe.  No nursery.  No name.  Nothing!  I am so not prepared...6 months pregnant and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed that I only have 4 months to get everything done.  I can basically count out May and June as well, because my hubby is in 3 bachelor weekends and 2 weddings.  Why does life go so quickly!?

Here are some of the things I have imagined for the nursery, and a 6 month "bump date."  I have ordered bedding from Love Bug Baby Bedding, and painted her nursery furniture (just have the crib to finish).  But, there is still a queen size bed in there and tons of things to clean out!  Ahhhhh!!!

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20 weeks with LC on left; 21 weeks with 2.0 on right

Baby Girl 2.0

21 weeks -- really popped this week!

Nursery Inspiration

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