Friday, February 27, 2015

Amelia's Birth Story

I am not quite sure why it has taken me so long to get Amelia's birth story written, yet here I am one year to the day later (I totally forgot to actually publish this ON her birthday!), finally telling her story.  This is gonna be a long one, so settle in and here we go!

If you couldn't tell by my last letter to Amelia, I was pretty convinced I would go over my due date and she would never come out and play.  Throughout my pregnancy, I never experienced Braxton Hick's or anything remotely resembling labor (not even during my hospital stay after the car accident when the monitor clearly showed me contracting!) so I wasn't prepared at all for what to expect the pain to feel like.  I clearly remember being OVER the pregnancy and uncomfortable to boot.

Saturday, February 22nd- My sister-in-law, Ashley, and her boys were in town for the week to celebrate her youngest, Noah's, first birthday.  Being under-prepared as always (just during pregnancy, usually I'm on the ball!),  Saturday rolled around and we still hadn't purchased Noah's gift for his party that evening.  Since becoming pregnant, we usually started our weekends off pretty lazy with me sleeping in and Brandon messing around on the computer for a while; this Saturday was no different.  I finally rolled out of bed around 11, still exhausted, and decided to jump in the shower and start the day. After I finished, I threw on my robe and headed to the couch (again, pregnancy exhaustion).

I remember sitting down and feeling some fluid leak on to my robe and I honestly thought I had wet myself a bit.  Totally crazy as I had just gone to the bathroom and hadn't experienced anything like this during the previous 9 months, but hey, the end was near and I probably peed my pants.  I text Ashley around 11:30am asking her if anything like this has happened to her and she assured me that it was completely normal.  After heading to the bathroom again, doing the pregnancy wiggle to empty my bladder completely, I threw on some clean clothes and headed to the basement to see when Brandon wanted to leave for the store.

Once in the basement, I had just sat down when I felt a bit of fluid leak again.  More than a little annoyed with my stupid bladder, I headed back upstairs and decided maybe I should call the doctor to see if this really was normal.  I dialed the on-call nurse line around 12:00pm and she encouraged me to put on a pad, walk around for 2 hours and call her back if I experienced any more leaking.  She explained that this was all normal and to relax.  In the movies, when the pregnant chicks water breaks, there's a gush of fluid everywhere and she knows what it is.  It never crossed my mind that I had a "slow leak" and was in the beginning stages of labor.

I did as the nurse instructed and messed around the house, did a few loads of laundry and started getting antsy that we would be late for Noah's party.  Around 1:30pm, with no more signs fluid leaks, I suggested Brandon and I head in to town to shop for the birthday boy.  It was a quick drive to the store and I still hadn't said anything to the hubs about my pants wetting episodes.  Stepping out of the car, I felt another gush of fluid in my nether regions and fessed up to Brandon about what was happening.  He also assured me that I was probably peeing myself and everything was fine, but I decided to call the nurse line again with these updates.

After a brief conversation, the nurse advised me to come in to be checked for amniotic fluid leakage.  She didn't make it sound like a big deal but it meant we would miss most of Noah's party.  We headed to the birthday party to drop off our gift and on the way, I made Brandon drive through Arby's as I was starving and knew we would miss the food at dinner.  Brandon isn't a huge Arby's fan, so he held out until we got to Louisville and stopped at Subway.

We finally made it to Brandon's parents house for the party around 3:00pm.  I dreaded telling his family that we had to leave because I may or may not be peeing my pants as a grown woman.  Brandon and I were more than a little bummed that we wouldn't get to hang around and play with our nephews, but his sister was completely understanding and hopeful that I was in labor.  Mike, Brandon's dad, convinced us (Okay, convinced Brandon. Let's face it, I was pretty sure this wasn't pee by this point!) that we needed to take this seriously and head home to grab our hospital stuff just in case.  By the time we went home, grabbed our stuff, let the dogs out and made it to the hospital, it was already 5:00pm.

Although he didn't say it, I know Brandon really thought I was peeing my pants because he didn't bring any of our stuff inside with us except his iPad.  The hospital was quiet and we were lead right back into a birthing room.  The nurse explained that we wouldn't get checked in until they were sure I was in active labor and instructed me to put on a gown.  I hadn't felt any more fluid leakage since 2:00pm and was starting to lose hope that it was amniotic fluid and not urine.  As soon as I laid on the bed, another huge gush of fluid (the biggest yet!) came and the nurse knew immediately that my water had in fact broke!  It was a completely validating and I loved telling Brandon, "See!  I didn't wet myself!  Go get our stuff!"

Because I didn't know exactly how long I had been leaking and I was only dilated 3cm, they put me on Petocin and had me start walking the halls.  I am terrified of needles, but I don't remember getting the IV and I didn't pass out from it, which is a huge plus.  Looking back, I was totally under-prepared in the shoe department (mental note for next time!).  Poor Brandon had on uncomfortable dress shoes and I just had slippers.  I still give him grief because he made his discomfort known to everyone (he didn't want to walk with me!) when I was the one about to give birth!

My contractions weren't strong, long or causing me discomfort, so the nurses upped my Petocin pretty frequently.  Being completely naive, I thought they would continue being a piece of cake and didn't know what all the fuss was about.  We walked miles around the hospital, or so it felt like, before the waves of massive pain hit me.  I remember it was almost 10pm when I literally couldn't take it anymore.  I felt like I was being stabbed in the gut, over and over, and I couldn't breathe.  At my last check, I was only at 4cm and couldn't possibly see how I would make it to 10cm.  When the next contraction hit, I crumpled in a ball on the floor (not an exaggeration) and begged for my epidural.  Yup... I was that lady.  Drugs, gimme all the drugs!  Thank you modern medicine!

Brandon found the nurse (I think?) and she called the anesthesiologist.  He finally made it in the room about 11pm... Seriously, the longest hour of my life!  I don't remember much about the procedure other than him insisting I be still every time a contraction hit and wanting to turn around and throat punch him.  He finally got the line placed, except it didn't take...  I could still feel everything!  What the crap?!  In the classes, they never said anything about an epidural NOT taking and I was panicking

Sunday, February 23- Thankfully, after a second attempt, the line was placed correctly and they started my drip.  I don't remember exactly how everything came about, but I could still feel my contractions and move my legs, so they ended up calling the anesthesiologist back shortly after midnight.  Over the course of the next hour, he upped the dosage on my epidural until I couldn't feel the contractions anymore but never fully lost feeling in my legs.  It was explained that I metabolize whatever medications they use faster than average but I didn't pay much attention as the relief from the contractions was like heaven.  By this point, it was after 1:00 am and I was exhausted.  In the back of my mind, I was super excited that Amelia held off and would be born on 2-23, our 6 month wedding anniversary!  Yup, I'm also one of those ladies who got pregnant out of wedlock!

By 2:00 am, I was dilated to 9.5 cm and the nurse explained it would probably be time to push soon.  Apparently there was the smallest piece of my cervix still covering and she couldn't get it to move, so she called in another nurse to assist her.  Did I mention that I had the greatest bunch of nurses ever?!  I seriously cannot imagine how my birthing process would have gone without them.  Kuddo's to those ladies for putting this first time mom at ease!  Anyways, this "miracle" nurse came in was able to get me to a full 10 cm and instructed me to do a practice push on my next contraction.   My first attempt at "pushing" was comical at best (this is also normal? yes?) and the miracle nurse literally had to SHOW me (complete with grunting and red face) how to push correctly.  See what I mean?  I had amazing nurses!

They aren't kidding when they say your body knows when it is time to push.  Everything clicked after that first practice push, and with my next contraction, there was so much pressure down below that I thought Amelia was just going to fall out!  One more push after that and I was instructed to STOP and they had to call my doctor as Amelia's head was right there!  This was at 2:30 am and I think about 5 minutes passed before I told the nurses that I literally could not stop from pushing again.  Both nurses agreed that it was okay to push a little to keep her head in position but not to give it my all.  How do you tell a woman in active labor NOT to push?  Somehow, I managed and my doctor was there by 2:45am.

When I say she came in like a warm summer breeze, I'm not joking.  She was all smiles and light humor and catching up with the nurses on the nights events.  I was literally in shock by her nonchalant demeanor as she put on her gear and it felt like I was watching this all happen from above.  Mid-sentence, she claps her hands and said "it's go time!"  Brandon's response was "Seriously?" And I think she relied "Yup, it's not like in the movies!" while laughing.  Also... I had the best doctor ever!

With the next contraction she told me to push with all I've got as I would get to meet our baby soon!  I pushed and all I remember is my doctor shouting "STOP PUSHING!" as Amelia's arm popped out from below.  Yes... my crazy daughter had to throw us for a loop and try to come out arm first.  As I panicked internally, the doctor managed to do some fancy handwork and got Amelia positioned to come out correctly all in a matter of a minute!  I was told to push again with the next contraction... and Amelia Grace Koch was born at 2:57 am on February 23, 2014.  Her warm, squishy body was placed immediately on my chest and it was wonder, awe, amazement and pure joy all wrapped into one!

I'm not sure how long she had skin-to-skin contact before the nurses took her away to wipe her down and get her measurements.  I think I barked at Brandon to grab the camera because we actually have pictures of this happening!  She weighed 7 lbs 9 oz and was 20 inches long.  I also remember asking if she had 10 fingers and 10 toes because that's what they do in the movies and I thought the doctor would just tell me that.  Amelia was perfect, healthy and very alert.

I'll be honest when I say I had no set birth plan.  I knew I wanted drugs and I knew I wanted my baby, however that would happen was in God's hands.  There isn't a single thing that I would change about how that day played out or how Amelia entered this crazy world.  Looking back a year later, my life really began when hers did!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snowing in {Maternity} Style

Recently, I've been doing some reviews for some super cute and stylish maternity shops and scoring some new maternity clothes! These reviews came at the perfect time; I'm rapidly outgrowing my normal clothes and hopping into those maternity ones!

This dress came from a really cool 'bump boutique' called BumpStyle Box (think maternity fashion delivered straight to your front door) and I can't wait to tell you about that experience also! Look forward to more of that soon!

Here are some of the looks that I have styled for them, and I can't wait to wear these into the spring transition!  Seriously, this West Texas weather is bipolar. One day it's 80 and sunny; the next it's snowing.  Today's forecast: snow.  I can easily see this dress styled through spring, dressed up for church or a shower or with a cute little cardigan and flats for a date night!

How is the weather where you live today? I can't wait for SPRING!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

▶ How to Handle Unwanted Advice

image via whattoexpect

As parents, we've all been there.. someone is going on and on about how we shouldn't do this, or we should do that, and we are just smiling and nodding and/or gritting our teeth. Some of us may not be so lucky as to keep quiet or remain tactful. It's not an easy task. 

So how should we handle it? Here are some tips to help aid you in this situation.

▶ Most important - trust your mama gut. If you feel something is right instinctively, go with that, as your gut is usually right. You know your child best, don't forget that if you are feeling intimidated. My daughter is incredibly warm all the time. She sweats when she wears sweaters. I constantly have to reassure my own mother that she is perfectly comfortable in a onesie and t-shirt. Every baby is different, and their parents will always know them best.

▶ Ask their advice. This is especially important within families. Asking something like "Hey mom, the doctor says Eli is ready to switch to solids. Which fruit should we let him try first?" will make the person feel important and that their opinion is valuable to you. 

▶ Be polite. You're an adult and (9 times out of 10) the person who is offering advice to you means well. Smile, and thank the meddler with a kind "we will keep that in mind", or "we always consult our doctor". Generally they just want to feel like their advice has been heard and considered.

▶ If they won't let it go, you can try saying "we have it under control, but thank you again", followed by "have a great day" and turning to leave. That would be a polite and acceptable way to signal the end of the conversation on your side.

▶ Keep in mind that someone who was a parent decades ago may not be up-to-date on the latest research in safety and health for babies. They mean well, and are generally speaking from their own experience, which may not be up-to-date.

▶ Keep an open mind. I know when I first had B I had all these ideas and plans in mind for how I was going to parent. But I didn't (and still don't) know it all. I learned a LOT from fellow moms, both current and past. Keep your mind open to things others say, and if you are unsure, conduct your own research or discuss it with your doctor or pediatrician. 

▶ Compromise, if you can. For example, my mother likes to give B little treats, whereas I prefer to limit her sweets quite significantly. So I compromise and allow her to give B treats on occasion, and I have made her aware of how I want them to be limited. If it is something you refuse to bend on, then don't. But if it something that you feel has some wiggle room, sometimes it is best for everyone to just compromise (as is true in many situations, isn't it?).

▶ Try to remain calm. We are bred to feel protective of our children and it is natural to feel defensive when our parenting skills appear to be in question. Take a few deep breaths if you're feeling pushed, or walk away if you need to. Always take the high road and be a positive example for your children.

Have you ever experienced a situation with a well-meaning meddler? How did you handle it? Sound off in the comments below!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentines Day + Our Weekend

Hi loves!
I hope you all had fabulous weekends and enjoyed a romantic valentines day, or a relaxing one (which is better than romance in my book).
Austin had a four day weekend which was so wonderful. We spent Friday playing tea party and little people on the floor with Lilly for a good chunk of the day. Then Austin took Lilly out to go visit friends while I stayed home for some "mommy time". Sadly it mostly consisted of cleaning. I did try to relax my tired pregnant body, but I couldnt miss the oportunity to get uninterupted chores done so I cleaned.

For Valentines we started our day off exchanging valentines gifts and eating a strawberry pancake breakfast, a family favorite. After that Austin and I debated leaving Lilly with her Nana and Poppy so we could go on a date but ended up deciding that we would rather spend the day avoiding crowds and being lazy. So I spent valentines just how I love, in sweat pants watching movies and eating pizza.
Sunday we decided to go out and get a little shopping done, and grab a nice (late) valentines dinner. It was a nice day out, but also very exhausting. This mama stuffed her face and came home to curl up on the couch and watch the bachelor. 


Typically on Mondays I get cleaning done but Austin got up in the morning with Lilly and let me get some extra sleep. I didn't get up until around eleven and let me tell you, it was so nice. Growing a human is no joke, I am so tired these days.Once I was up I got the laundry started and got some cleaning done so we could take a family beach trip. Lilly loved collecting shells and walking up and down the beach. She insisted on holding BOTH of our hands, and it basically melted me into a pile of mush.

We are still waiting to close on our house, but it looks like we should be able to soon. I am trying not to get my hopes up but they are even saying this week. As of today I am 31 weeks pregnant and man am I feeling it. But I am in no rush for P to arrive because we have so much to do before she comes and I sure am feeling the pressure.

Last Pregnancy Letter to Amelia

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Realization...

Looking at my calendar yesterday, I came to this realization:  in exactly four months I will be a mom of TWO.  Holy cow.  Where in the world did the time go?  So many questions rush through my mind when thinking about having two babies.  How will I love another baby like I do Laikyn?  How will I juggle everyday life with ANOTHER baby, as if one isn't hectic enough.  God, are you sure you trust me with TWO lives?  I know it's all God's plan and it's completely His Will, because that's all we've prayed.  But wow.  I'm a little nervous....

I have absolutely nothing done for this babe.  No nursery.  No name.  Nothing!  I am so not prepared...6 months pregnant and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed that I only have 4 months to get everything done.  I can basically count out May and June as well, because my hubby is in 3 bachelor weekends and 2 weddings.  Why does life go so quickly!?

Here are some of the things I have imagined for the nursery, and a 6 month "bump date."  I have ordered bedding from Love Bug Baby Bedding, and painted her nursery furniture (just have the crib to finish).  But, there is still a queen size bed in there and tons of things to clean out!  Ahhhhh!!!

As always, if you want to stay more up to date with my weekly pregnancy bump dates, visit my blog Little Lovelies or follow me on Instagram. :)

20 weeks with LC on left; 21 weeks with 2.0 on right

Baby Girl 2.0

21 weeks -- really popped this week!

Nursery Inspiration

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A lovely weekend, with my two loves.

A few weeks ago Austin started at his new command here and he typically has every Friday off, this is a huge blessing and gives us some quality family time. So on Friday we started our three day weekend off with a check up for Baby P, which Austin and Lilly joined me for. Lilly is all about bellies and belly buttons right now, so she was super interested in why someone is lifting up my shirt and looking at mommy's belly. After my check-up we went and grabbed me some lunch because I was starving - am I the only one obsessed with Subway deli sandwiches by the way? Then we took a little drive to the next town over to look for a homemade soap store that Austin had heard about. He is into shaving supplies right now and we were hoping to find somewhere local to get his goodies. We never ended up finding the store but Lilly got to take a nap in the car before we ran our errands and Austin and I got to enjoy how gorgeous life is here on the island.

In general I have been feeling pretty good but this weekend I started having LOTS of braxton hicks and I am hitting that very uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. I also started having major pain in my lower back this weekend - probably because my crazy dog jumped on me. So I spent a majority of Saturday and Sunday laying in bed or on the couch with a heating pad. With ten weeks to go I am trying to just find ways to make myself as comfortable as possible, and hoping we get into our house soon so I can have my big comfy bed back.

On Saturday Austin sent me out to get a pedicure and try to relax. I ended up getting some fake nails put on as well, so I was gone for quite awhile. I shouldn't be allowed to make decisions while pregnant because I am pretty sure I will end up regretting the fake nails, but it was nice to get out of the house for a few hours and have some mama time.
On Sunday we had plans to hop on the ferry and go see a dear friend but because of my back we had to cancel. I may or may not still be upset about this. But I ended up putting together Lillys new Little People Klip Klop stable, which she LOVES. I honestly don't think I have ever seen her so excited about something in a long time and it really made my heart so happy. It makes it hard not to spoil her when she is so over the moon about new things, but I suppose it is something I will just have to work on with time.

After her short nap we headed over to the local pottery painting studio and painted me a new coffee mug and put her little hand prints on it. I cant wait till it is fired in the kiln and I can get it back. It will be a new favorite I am sure. After that we walked over to a new Italian restaurant in town and grabbed some dinner. We didn't love our food, but we had a great family night and ended our weekend on a great note.

I can not believe next weekend is Valentines and considering we are still living at my moms waiting for our house I really have no clue what to do. In my dreams we will magically close this week and we can enjoy a pizza and movie on the ipad while laying in a pile of pillows in front of our fireplace. BUT that isn't going to happen so I am more than open to suggestions y'all, actually I am basically begging for some.

I hope everyone else had great weekends full of time with those they love, and I would love to hear what your plans for valentines are.

with love,

Thursday, February 5, 2015

So, You're Pregnant AGAIN!?

When we got pregnant with baby 2.0 we had some mixed emotions about having them so close together, and also got some mixed comments from people about wanting more kids even after this one! While it can be a little unsettling to change things up and add to your family, God knows what is right for you and your family, even if it's not right for another family.  I remind myself that we pray God's Will over us for a reason, and are so thankful that He is allowing us to be parents again!

To make light of it, I just came across this cute Taylor Swift - Blank Space parody pregnancy announcement video and it made me laugh!  Also, hubby and I are having the hardest time naming this baby....why can't it be as simple as this, "let's pick a name!"

Have a little watch! This is one of my favorite songs and all parodies of it never get old.

The tired mom's parody has to be my absolute favorite, so I must include it too! :)

What's your favorite pregnancy announcement? Favorite parody? How does your family and friends react to you adding to your family? 

I'll do anything for a quick laugh these days! Here's to sanity and making it to the weekend!

▶ Hello Everyone!

Hey guys!

My name is Misty and I blog over at Us + Him! I am Canadian, and mama to an 18-month-old girl named Brynn, who I call B for short. She's my pride and joy. I am super excited to join forces with these amazing mamas here at Confetti Babe, and I hope you will follow my adventures both here and on my blog.

A little about me - I'm 28 (and a half, if you wanna get technical), born and raised in the city I am currently still living in. I love chicken wings, paper crafts, Target, wash tape, home decor, and the colour aqua. I own my own shop called Pippin Pops - which sells felt balls/garlands. I also sell cell phones part-time! When I'm not doing those things, I'm mama and girlfriend, but that's really my #1 and most important job (as I'm sure you all understand very well!). I like to blog and create and spend time with friends and family when I have spare time. I may or may not be known to wander the aisles of Target for hours on end (not for long though since Target is leaving Canada!).

Since I have my own shop, and have had other shops in the past, I LOVE to support independent shops and handmade! In the future you can expect lots of posts about shopping, recipes, DIYs, and tips and tricks for life from me (and more of course!). 

I look forward to getting to know each other further! XO

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

All About Amelia - 11 Month Update

Holy moly... it's been ages since I last blogged and I am SO sorry!!!  I cannot seem to grasp my up from my down while working.  I try and cram so much in during my days off that blogging is the last of my worries.  Sorry guys!  Mama time comes first! 
In other news, this time next month, we will have a ONE YEAR OLD!  Where has the time gone?  It feels like we just brought Amelia home from the hospital yesterday.  I can honestly say this has been the BEST,  yet toughest, year of my life.  Life really does pass by in the blink of an eye!


Roughly 22 lbs and 29 inches

Sleeping Habits: Hallelujah!!! AMELIA IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! You guys... it has been absolutely phenomenal getting 8 hours of sleep in a row again.  I feel like a new woman, a better parent and wife!  It's amazing what consecutive hours of sleep will do for ya.  Bedtime routine has stayed the same and Amelia is usually down for 11 hours before her morning feed.  Occasionally she will go back to sleep for another hour which is even more awesome!  We still (usually) get two naps a day from her but they always vary in length.

Passed out at Grandpa and Grandma M's

Eating Habits: Three solid meals a day, plus snacks, and breastfeeding about 4 times a day, depending on mama's work schedule.  Amelia especially love fruit, olives, veggie straws and water!

Loving food at her great grandpa and grandma's

New Foods Amelia Tried: We are still having fun incorporating dairy into our diets!  This month, Amelia and I enjoyed quiche, cheesecake, taco soup and chilli with cheese, Masilko veggie dip, mac n' cheese.  She also tried bacon and pork and dumplings which were HUGE hits!  Introducing new foods is so much fun!

Yup... loving dairy!

New Discoveries/Developments/Accomplishments: Amelia cut her top left tooth on Christmas Eve which helps explain her crankiness.  She has mastered waving bye-bye and clapping when she excited or playing patty-cake.  Her feet have also become quite an obsession which is funny because she never really paid attention to them when she was younger.  In other HUGE news, Amelia took her first solo steps on 1-6-15.  It was a series of about 6 steps to reach mama, but every day she gets a little more adventurous and I will be surprised if she isn't fully walking by her first birthday!

Someone's getting BIG

Places Amelia Traveled: We were super busy this month with the Holiday's!  We had Christmas Eve at GG's for my husbands side and Great Aunt's for my side.  Christmas day we spent the morning at home, afternoon at Mimi and Papa's and evening at Grandpa and Grandma E's. We also had the opportunity to spend a few days/nights at Mater Filius, which we really enjoyed.  A road trip to Amelia's Great Grandpa and Grandma was also involved for our celebration with my mom's side.  Amelia LOVED getting spoiled by them and eating at her Great Grandma Ns home cooking!  The weather was also phenomenal this month and we headed to the zoo and Chic-Fil-A for a play date!

 Fascinated with the aquarium at the zoo

Special Events or Holidays: First Christmas and New Years!  Christmas details above... New Years Eve we spent with Brandon's cousins and friends and Amelia had a sleepover at Grandpa and Grandma E's house!  Amelia actually got to have sleepovers at ALL her grandparents houses this month!  One over night on a Saturday at Mimi and Papa's and one over night with her cousin's out of town at Grandma and Grandpa M's.  She is so well loved!

Getting good at opening presents

New Friends: We had a few MOPS meetings this month where Amelia made new friends.  She also enjoyed playing with little Zion during our stay at Mater Filius.  Our zoo play date was with Wilder and Isla and Chic-Fil-A was with Harper!  She also got to play with her cousin's towards the end of December.  So many friends, so little time!

Play date "hugs"

New Baby Babble: "Hey-oh" for hello, "ba-bah" for bye-bye, "utt" for uh-oh.  Amelia is getting SO great at imitating everyone.  She also loves waving bye-bye and is attempting to blow kisses while face timing family.  My favorite thing she picked up on this month is holding her hand up to her ear like a phone while we are using our phones.  It is ADORABLE!

Big brown eyes babbling away on her phone

Likes/Dislikes: Thankfully, Amelia is back to loving her bath again!  So glad the unhappiness while bathing was just a phase and we have our happy baby back!  We also made the switch to a convertible car seat this month and Amelia loves being more upright in the car!  Grandpa E is still watching Amelia 3-4 days a week while I work and she absolutely loves her time with him.  Most evenings when I pick her up, she hardly cares I am there!

Bath Time reading

Parents Update:  Brandon schedule is staying pretty busy and consistent, but he was able to take off early a few days to spend more time with Amelia and give my dad a break.  They always have the best adventures together and I love watching their relationship grow!  I am still busy working 3-4 days a week until the new gal officially takes the reins in March.  We still aren't sure where we will be financially at the end of all this (tax season and all) and don't know if I need to find something permanent part or full time.  Only time will tell, but we all know my heart lies at home with my baby girl!  In other news, with grandparents so willing to spend time with Amelia, Brandon and I have been taking full advantage and getting together with friends or having date nights as much as possible.  It's so awesome to fall in love with your best friend!!!  My love for that man gets deeper every single day, especially since he has become a father.  I sincerely hope this continues for infinity!

 Snuggles with Daddy

Zoo day with mama

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

six month bumpdate

How far along: twenty seven weeks four days

Gender: girl
Weight gain: ten pounds
Maternity clothes: wearing maternity jeans, but still fitting in my tops.
Stretch marks: just a few, but i also have not been applying my shea butter.
Belly button in or out: in
Sleep: insomnia has begun, and i spend hours tossing and turning trying to fall asleep. the bumpnest has helped immensely with comfort, but my brain just wont shut off.
Best moment this week: lilly lifting up my shirt to kiss my belly.  it probably has more to do with her obsession with bellies, but i like to think she understands her sister is growing in there.
Miss anything: having our own house.
Movement: i really dont think this baby sleeps, she is always kicking me. 
Cravings: nachos, my amazing husband goes almost every night to get me some. 
Looking forward to: getting into the house so i can plan the play room, and nursery.

I have decided to start doing a monthly bumpdate instead of weekly, because lets keep it real... realistically nobody cares to read weekly about how my body changes. I cant believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by, or that in a few short months I will have not one little girl but two.
I am getting very anxious to get into our house so that I can start planning and preparing for baby P, and also get things back to normal for Lilly. I worry a lot about how all this change is effecting her and I really want some time to settle in our new house before the baby arrives. I know a lot of this is hormones, or at least I assume. I just need to remember to breathe, that God has a plan, and this will all be okay.
XO - Sara