Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Baby Nichols #2 is a....

We are thrilled to announce that we will be adding another sweet little girl to our family! Laikyn will be such a good big sister and I'm excited about matching outfits and double the girl fun! Daddy is already feeling more broke! Ha! It will be such a blessing and we can't wait for her arrival in June!

As for my absence on here, I'm so sorry guys! Having a 19 month old as well as fighting pregnancy every day has been a challenge! I'm finally feeling more normal - like myself - and I am back into the swing of things! Laikyn is getting more verbal and communicates so well now. She's talking in short sentences and blowing me away with amount of knowledge she has daily.  I'm 20 weeks now with baby 2.0 and am really loving feeling her sweet kicks and reminders that she's growing healthy in there. We can't wait for our anatomy scan next week and I'll update when I get some news back.  We're just praying for a healthy baby!

Here's my latest bump picture over at Little Lovelies.

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