Thursday, November 27, 2014

Road Trip

These past couple.of weeks have been extremely busy! Life has been hectic and Zoey has taken her first family road trip!

We decided to travel to Chicago for Thanksgiving to spend it with my brother and his wife. We drove 12 hours straight! I was super worried about how Zoey would do being in the car so long. To our surprise, she was great! She didn't cry at all! She laughed much, played, danced, and ate.

I packed her plenty of snacks, juice, water, toys, an extra set of clothes, and plenty of wipes, and diapers. When we stopped to refill up on gas, I took her out to stretch her legs and to be free of her seat for a few minutes. Getting her back in her seat was sometimes a bit of a struggle because she didn't want to be strapped back down.

I am so excited that she did so great. Now the only thing to accomplish is the ride back back home. Lol.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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