Monday, October 6, 2014

Maxx Gratitude

WOW!! I am so blown away with how wonderful you guys are. I mean, really really wonderful! Thanks to you, I am the October Maxxinista of the Month for TJ Maxx. This is seriously a dream come true, to represent one of my favorite places to shop! The whole team at TJ Maxx has been amazing, and I'm so incredibly blessed by this opportunity.

I'm SO excited to announce this!! I have spent the last few weeks keeping it to myself (and my family), but it feels so good to finally be able to share with you all. It is because of YOU that I am given this opportunity. Thank you for voting for me! And of course, I owe this blessing and ALL of my blessings to Jesus. I've prayed that I be used to glorify His name in this!

Each day this month, TJ Maxx will be sharing bits and pieces from a photo shoot that showcases their products and how I use them for my family and my life.  Style is a huge part of this, but also, I wanted to show how I MAXX my family's style, comfort, and necessities by finding things from TJ Maxx.

I know lots of you ask me how I find these things, and I'm not sure if it's a gift or if I just find them.  I DO go to the stores on the day that they put items out. Ask your local store when they get shipments and when the shipments hit the shelves.  Also, did you know you can shop TJ Maxx online now? You can! And it's awesome, and you almost always will get free shipping.  You can also return anything you get online to the store, which is a huge help.

So, want to see more about this Maxxinista of the Month business? Want to see how I've MAXXed my life? Make sure you are following TJ Maxx on InstagramFacebookPinterest, Tumblr and Twitter.  You can see the photos that the amazing Bonnie Loewen captured, and just how perfectly imperfect our life is.  (and follow my Instagram, too, for daily picks).

If you know me at all, you know that I take a lot of pride in my family and I love me some clothes. This photo shoot captured both, and I will cherish these photos, and this opportunity for a lifetime.

Enjoy October, Maxxinistas!

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