Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Crafty Little Jay

Mamas! There's a new mocc shop in town!

I am an avid lover of good shoes. I love me a good shoe and have started Zoey on the same path. I recently discovered a new shop on Instagram. @craftylittlejay is my new obsession. I want you mamas to try this shop, and I promise you won't regret giving this handmade mocc shop a chance. The customer service is outstanding! Not only does this shop put their love into these moccs, the quality is out of this world. You can customize your own moccs! Any design and leather they have, you can put them together to create a unique pair of moccs.

I was skeptical when trying a mocc shop because there are so many out there now. It's hard choosing a good shop that won't treat you like just an order but takes the time to make your moccs individually and gives them the attention they deserve.

I wanted some everyday wear moccs so I purchased tan 'Honeybun' and brown 'Tall Dark and Handsome' and they are lovely. They are smooth as butter and the insides are so soft! They are great for little walkers!

We have been given the honor and chance to represent this shop and we are overjoyed! I am proud to share this shop with you and I know that you'll love them!

Go follow @craftylittlejay and get your babes some moccs today!

Pictures of my babe and some of the other adorable brand reps in their moccs!

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