Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shop Spotlight {week 2} - Christen Noelle

This week I want to talk about not only a shop, but an amazing artist.  I was looking for something very special for Kennedy's first birthday and I immediately thought of Christen Noelle.  I wanted her to create a custom invitation for Kennedy's Frozen 1st birthday party, but I wasn't sure if she would even be willing or have time.

Well ladies and gents this mama not only created something FANTASTIC, she did it in 2 days!!!! I cannot believe how amazing they turned out.

I first found Christen when @kenziejaws posted on Instagram a picture of a paper-doll hand drawn of her daughter, Clara.  It was so adorable and I knew I had to see more. I couldn't get over the talent that went into each of her paper-dolls.

Through speaking with her I learned that she not only creates custom paper dolls, but she is also a children's book illustrator and a costume designer.  She has always loved drawing and once she graduated college she decided to follow her passion and attend Brooks College, which is a 2 year design school.  She has an Associates degree in fashion design and continued to work in the fashion industry for 2 1/2 years.

She left California and moved to Phoenix to begin her precious little family.  She has 5 children and while raising her family has continued to illustrate, sketch, design costumes, handbags and even accessories.

She mentioned to me that while sketching recently, she felt inspired and had finally discovered the perfect mix of fashion and art, which led to the creation of her custom paper-dolls.  Since starting them she has collaborated with many awesome companies, designed logos and even birthday cards.  This has led to some many great opportunities for her which includes coloring books, commercial paper-dolls and even t-shirts!

"I have plans to design greeting cards, illustrate more children's books and design prints for fabric. I am eagerly looking forward to each project and collaboration," said Christen.

Please go check her out at and be sure to follow her on Instagram @christennoelle.

Until next time.

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