Thursday, September 4, 2014

Old Wives' Tales

Hello babes! For the past two weeks (including this week) Zoey has been having a hard time teething.  From the fevers, to diaper rashes, and a very unhappy baby.  She will be 9 months tomorrow and has 9 teeth so far! What a whirlwind this teething journey has been!

Frozen mesh teethers have been a miracle throughout all of this. I puree my own baby food and I have been freezing it in the mesh teether. She loves it! She just gnaws away on it.

I was told about this really stranger teething "cure" method. It involves a plain raw egg and a sock. Strange, right? Lol. Well, I said, NO WAY! To my surprise it seems to be working! It may be all in my head but I have looked around online and many people have tried this. A friend of mine has had hers up in her sons room since he as 6 months! 

The magic egg is what I call it!

You take about 6 eggs and put them in a bowl. You let your child choose an egg. Whichever egg the child chooses, that's their egg.  You get an old sock and you put the egg in the sock and tie a piece of string around it.  Hang that egg in the baby's room, preferably above their bed. 

After trying this her symptoms seem to have immediately disappeared! This was after 2 days of 101 degree fevers!

What are some old wives tales that you have tried and have worked? Some of the strangest?
And of course, cute pics of Zo!

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