Monday, September 8, 2014

6 Week Challenge | Week 4

Well...big fat fail on my part! This week was supposed to be the week of NO SOCIAL MEDIA. Sunday night, I went to bed and deleted my apps (which take up a lot of my free time) and intended on waking up Monday morning with no Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Instead, I woke up with some really really exciting news from TJ Maxx that I was a finalist for the Maxxinista of the Month contest and won $250, and have the chance to win $1000 and be the next Maxxinista!! I didn't feel the need to open my social media and post about it, but I did immediately call my mom and husband to tell them the news I was so excited about! Followed by texting my photographer, sister, friends, etc. I still didn't open social media or download them again.

But here's where I had to cave and ruin my social media fast: the Maxxinista of the Month contest is a  contest that you have to share with your friends and followers and ask them to vote for you via a link to be the next Maxxinista.  This is too huge of an opportunity, so I redownloaded my Instagram and Facebook app to ask people to vote! Since then, asking people to vote every day has gotten really annoying...but I just really, really, realllllyyyy want this opportunity!!! So, if you feel the need to unfollow me, I'm so sorry, it will end soon!!

I'm so bad. I hope y'all can do better than me.  I honestly don't even know how I would have done had this not happen. I feel like maybe it's part of my daily therapy? What do you use social media for? Do you relax when you're on it or does it make you more tense? I am not much of a Facebooker, but I do Instagram a lot.

At the end of the 6 weeks, I think I am going to tack on another week and try my social media fast again. I would love to spend that time in the Word or actually taking a nap while Laikyn does! The struggle is real when you can't decide if you want to do laundry, dishes, another chore, blog, nap, mindlessly scroll Instagram feeds, enter giveaways or watch a DVR/Netflix show all during that short amount of time the baby naps. The.Struggle.Is.Real.

For those of you that enjoy fashion and are my Maxxinista outfits and the link to vote! I would love to have your support as the Maxxinista of the Month for October! :)

you can vote once a day :)

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