Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Little Shoe Lover

I'm not going to lie, I have a bit of a problem when it comes to shoes. I love shoes, heels, flats, boots, you name it I love them. I love how shoes always fit, regardless of your size or shape, some you can keep for years because they are timeless and others last a season and your left wondering what ever possessed you to buy them.

Baby/Toddler shoes are no exception to this love and since welcoming a baby girl into my life my shoe obsession has reached a whole new level! I mean it started with Freshly picked moccasins for S's tiny little feet and now I can't stop swooning over all of the tiny little gems that come out each season. I try my best to be reasonable, I mean how many pairs of sandals does a toddler need, right? 

It wasn't until we were browsing through the aisles of Old Navy one day and S stopped in her tracks, plopped her butt down on the floor and eagerly tried to pull of her little moccasins to try on a shiny new pair of shoes that I realized my shoe obsession may be rubbing off on my little sponge. Yes her favorite thing to try on in the store is shoes and she squeals with excitement when mama comes home with a new pair for her.

I put together some of my favorite toddler shoe finds for the current season (because they're mostly all on sale) as well as some of my favorites for fall (my favorite)! Toddler boots? Yes please!

Toddler boy shoes

|| Moccasins (Freshly picked) || Oxfords (Here and Here) || Slip Ons ||

Hope you are all having a wonderful week. My family is off to Vancouver tomorrow and hopping on a cruise ship to Alaska Saturday so I will be out of touch for the next couple of weeks. I have some exciting posts planned for the fall though so stay tuned! 

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