Friday, August 29, 2014

All About Amelia

Today's post was supposed to feature Amelia's 6 month photo shoot.  We were scheduled at 10:45am last Friday, but Amelia fought her morning nap and refused to go down when she usually does.  At about 10:15am, she finally crashed and I made the judgement call to skip the shoot and reschedule for this week (sometimes, sleep is the most important thing, am I right?!).  Usually, this isn't a big deal as our photographer is a family friend and very flexible/accommodating.  Unfortunately, Nebraska weather has NOT cooperated with us at ALL and it has been gloomy, rainy and miserable all week.  We all know that natural lighting is key to a good shoot, so still no photos.  I am hoping tomorrow will be nicer for the very first Nebraska Husker game of the season and we can get some good pictures taken in the morning!

 All ready for Husker football tomorrow

That being said... Two weeks ago, I introduced myself, but I didn't let you all get to know miss Amelia.  I would love it if you Confetti Babe readers would play along and let me know some facts about your littles; it doesn't have to be 10 like my list!

Fact #1:
Amelia was born on our six month wedding anniversary.  I have always had a thing about "1/2" milestones, so this was really exciting for me!  I can't wait to celebrate our anniversary and her 1/2 birthday every year together in August!

Fact #2:
Amelia is SO close to crawling at only 6 months!!!  She rocks, planks, scoots forward and backward, flings herself forward... but she can't quite figure out how to move her arms and legs at the same time to actually crawl.  This momma is so NOT ready for her to hit this milestone.  How does time fly so quickly?!

 Scooting across the kitchen floor

Fact #3:
We are attempting BWL (baby led weaning) in our household.  So far, it is going great!  No gagging or choking, and with absolutely no teeth to speak of, I am pretty impressed.  So far, her favorite foods have been guacamole, baked beans, pickles and chicken.

First time trying a pickle

Fact #4:
Amelia is the only one of all her cousins who does NOT have blue eyes.  All seven cousins on my side of the family and two (there is another on the way!) on my husband's have some form of blue eyes.  Right now, Amelia's eyes flirt between brown and green.  I am thinking they may settle on hazel, but only time will tell!

Big brownish green eyes

Fact #5:
We do not co-sleep in our house.  This is not for lack of trying; I really wanted to!  Amelia, on the other hand, has always wanted her space!  She has been sleeping in her crib since she was a month old.  I also let her sleep on her tummy because she has had amazing neck control from birth.  This might not make some mommas feel comfortable, but it worked for us!  Currently, Amelia is a side sleeper and it's the cutest thing I have ever seen!

 It's so fun to see these eyes peaking out at me from her crib!

Fact #6:
Since I have already mentioned Amelia's cousin's (she has 9, soon to be 10!), I will say she is the "luckiest" of them all.  Amelia is the ONLY grandchild in the same state as her grandparents!  We are very fortunate that both Brandon's parents and mine have stayed put in Nebraska.  Although I would have liked to move away from home at some point, even for just a little while, I cannot imagine leaving our family now!

Getting lovin' from her Mimi and Papa

Fact #7:
Amelia loves to be startled/scared.  I do not know where she gets it from as both her dad and I hate it!  Things that would make most babies cry make little miss Amelia smile from ear to ear.  When the dogs bark at nothing and I about jump out of my chair, I look over and Amelia has a huge grin.  The best way to get her to smile for the camera is to ignore her and then "ROAR" at her.  While it might sound crazy, it totally works!

Fact #8:
This little girl does not giggle yet!  We have tried just about every trick anyone has given us to get this peanut to chuckle, but nothing has worked.  She has a fake cough that she does often and we can occasionally get a "ha" out of her.  But so far, no full belly giggle.  I was concerned as I have never encountered this before (first time mom and all), but our pediatrician assured me she is just fine developmentally and she will laugh in due time.

 You would think this face would accompany a giggle... no such luck!

Fact #9:
"Jesus Loves Me" is her favorite song.  When I was pregnant, I used to sing it in the shower and she would kick like crazy!  It is my go-to trick to calm her down when she gets really fussy and we sing it every night before bed as part of our routine.  She usually only makes to about the third verse before she succumbs to sleep.  I only wish I had a better voice so she could hear what it was supposed to sound like!

Fact #10:
Amelia prefers anything that is not her toy over any actual toy she has.  A plastic bottle, a keyboard, the chip bag, her pacifier clip, a baby spoon, the remote (what IS IT with babies and remotes?!)... these keep her entertained for several minutes at a time!!!  She loses quickly interest in her Sophie, rattles, stuffed animals, touch and feel books, toy cars, just about everything we have purchased for her!  Is every baby like this?  We have actually given her a remote without batteries and her own keyboard and mouse to play with instead of ours to pacify her.

Well, there ya have it!  Ten random facts about my mini-me, Amelia Grace.  I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I loved writing them!  Feel free to play along and let me know some facts about your babes!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2014

6 Week Challenge | Week 2

This was the most fun week of the challenge *yet*!! I had a great time with my sweet girl. She isn't really old enough to realize that we were having more fun that usual, but it made me smile inside and out when I heard her sweet giggles and saw that toothy grin from ear to ear!

Here are some ideas for you and your little this week:
Monday, we did a rainbow snack picnic. Simple as that. I didn't go buy anything special, I just cut up what I had in these colors during her nap and put it in the shape of a rainbow. Then we picnic'ed on the backyard grass on a quilt. Perfection, if you ask me!

Tuesday, we bubbled and markered in the bath.  She LOVED this. I did buy some bubble bath, color tablets and markers for this day. I spent less than $10 on it all, and we use it all of the time now!

Wednesday, we met friends at the park for a picnic and music playdate.  Check your local calendar of events for fun days like this in your area.

Thursday, we were sick. Wamp wamp. But, I set up her tepee in the living room and we ate ice cream and watched Lilo & Stitch. Well, I did, while Laiks just wallered on me.

Friday, we did sidewalk chalk and popsicles outside. Simple and fun.

Saturday, I set up stations in her playroom. Kind of like kindergarten centers, but more for like Laikyn sized-lets drag everything out-knock everything down-eat something that we shoudn't-make mommy clean up type centers. Ha!

Sunday, is church day. We went to church and had a normal day, but ended our day with a playdate at a friends house and lots and lots of Oreos.

I didn't do anything huge this week. I just became mindful of making each day have something fun and out of the ordinary schedule. It was a great week!

Here are some links that I've found for ideas of making your child's day more fun.

What are you doing with your children this week? Feel free to share and link up for other mommies to see! Hashtag #LLChallengeWeek2

Friday, August 22, 2014

Capturing the Memories

Happy Friday, Confetti Babe Readers!

When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited to capture every single moment of my pregnancy and my little one's milestones.  In my efforts to be the "perfect mom," I started writing pregnancy letters to my "womb baby."

4 months preggo and starting my letter journey!

I wrote my first letter to baby when I was 18 weeks pregnant.  My goal was to start earlier, but we got married when I was 13 weeks pregnant and finalizing everything for our wedding took up so much more time than I originally planned.  I faithfully wrote a letter from 18 weeks until I was 38 weeks pregnant.  It is crazy how quickly we forget about our pregnancy ailments once our babe is in our arms.  Or is that just me?  I hope Amelia enjoys reading these letters years from now as much as I loved writing them!  I also hope that I commit the time to do this for baby #2 when that time comes!

I continue to write monthly progress letters to Amelia, filling her in on the little bits and pieces from her first months of life.  I even went so far as to create her own email address to email these letters.  Call me crazy, but at least I secured her a decent address by the time she needs one. (yes, I think about those things at night when I can't sleep!)  While she is little, I think it's easier for me to find the time to write to her every month.  My goal is to have her father and I hand write letters to her every year on her birthday and give them to her when she turns 18. (holy cow... that will be 2032!)

The second thing I did to capture my memories for Amelia was to start a baby book.  I searched high and low for the perfect book.  There were several things I was looking for: detailed family history/pregnancy information, monthly highlights for the first year, milestone pages and continuing on to at least her fifth birthday.  My mom finally located the perfect book in a small boutique in Norfolk, NE and surprised me with it at Amelia's baby shower [similar items here and here ].  So far, I have been diligent about writing each month and trying to capture all the little moments.  I absolutely loved looking at my husband's baby book that my mother-in-law kept for him!  Sadly, my mom never got around to making one for me and can't even remember what my first word was!

 A page from Amelia's baby book (ignore my handwriting!)

Pictures are another great way to capture just how small our babes once were!  There are so many options out there for monthly photo shoots!  Some of my favorites include: monthly stickers, writing on chalkboard [here] and wooden blocks [here].  We have a gender neutral, monthly sticker pack from a local natural parenting store [similar stickers here ].  My goal is to use these for each baby, (please let there be more babies!) so I went neutral instead of the super adorable gender specific ones!  I photograph Amelia every month in the same spot: her changing pad and her rocking chair.  It is absolutely crazy to see how much she has grown in just 6 short months!  I strongly suggest using the same spot for each photo so the "scale" stays proportionate to actual growth.

 2 months old (so skinny and little)

5 months old and chunky as ever

Th final idea I have yet to incorporate, but plan on starting soon (like tomorrow!) is a milestone calendar.  My mother-in-law tracked just about everything my husband did as a child from one to three years.  On her calendar, she included new words and sentences, how high he was counting, special activities and outings, family birthday parties, potty training successes... you name it, you can find it on Brandon's calendar!  I had NEVER heard of such a thing and I cannot wait to start working on Amelia's!  I think it would be great to start at birth, but since I wasn't that on the ball, I would like to start tomorrow (her 1/2 birthday!) and record from here until whenever seems appropriate to stop.  I found some milestone stickers on Amazon [here ] and a 2014 calendar on sale at Target.  Because the year is already half over, I will most likely backdate some pages to include milestones that I recorded in her baby book!

These are the stickers I ordered off Amazon

Alright momma's... this is what I have done and still want to do for little miss Amelia.  I would LOVE to hear what you all have done to capture the memories of your littles!  I am always looking for new ideas.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

To Cloth or Not to Cloth?

I am so frustrated! Zoey has a horrible diaper rash! She has had a rash for over 2 weeks off and on and nothing had seemed to help. I switched her diapers from Huggies to Pamper. Her wipes are now completely unscented and fragrance free. I want what is best for her bum because it just looked horrible.

We even tried browned flour. Yes, I said browned flour. I was told by an older person that it worked and it's been working for ages. I figured that since it couldn't hurt her, then why it. It seemed to have cleared it up and I thought our rash days were over. Unfortunately it came back. We have been through everything and finally broke down and called her Pedi for a prescription. 

Browned Flour

After a ton of research I am really looking to go to cloth or Honest Company diapers. I think that the decision with Honest Company would be really easy because all of their products are all natural and they even have cute designs! Cloth diapers come with so many different options and I am completely lost! Pockets, insets, and covers, oh my! 

Do you cloth? If so, what brand?
What do you love about cloth or disposables?
What brand of disposables works best for your little ones?
Best baby bum rash cream?

Monday, August 18, 2014

6 Week Challenge | Week 1

When I set out to challenge myself to 6 weeks of making myself a better person, I didn't realize that it becomes habit after about 3 days or so.  The first 3 days are the hardest, and then it becomes kind of a new routine.  I cook dinner a few times a week, but really got into the habit of cooking daily when I started this.

The big thing was cleaning up the kitchen! Blah! Who  really likes to do that? But, I'm pretty anal about my kitchen being clean by when I go to bed. If my sink is dirty and the kitchen is not clean when I get up to have my morning coffee, it really ruins my coffee. Literally. Isn't that awful?

Okay, so here are some recipes I used this week.  I went for simple and easy, and decided to stick with the normal things that I cook even though those Pinterest pins haunted me and said "you should really branch out and try me today..."

Monday, I made a recipe from a friend's mother in law. It was SO easy and a winner. It's called Tamale Casserole, and sound disgusting. But it really is good. Promise!

Here is the recipe for Tamale Casserole. I added ground beef. Don't get freaked out by the tamales in a can. And DEFINITELY don't forget to take off the corn wrap that the tamales are in!

Tuesday, I made homemade enchiladas. Beef. We do a lot of ground beef. Here is the recipe I used for this dinner.

Wednesday, I had planned for Chicken Pot Pie, but husby wasn't feeling well and wanted Chinese Take-Out. No complaints there. Clean kitchen AND dinner out. Off my "challenge" but isn't it all about making the family happy!? ;)

Thursday, we did pork ribs in the crockpot. So simple and SO yummy. Here is the recipe.

Friday, Meatball Subs. Hubby's favorite!

Saturday, we went simple with a PF Chang dinner. It's not homemade, but it's yummy and easy for dinner for 2.

Sunday, we ate dinner at our friends house for a birthday and Big Brother. We're so addicted every season to BB, but BB16 seriously is a good one. We are loving it!

I would love to hear what you guys are eating this week! Anyone willing to share recipes, that would be awesome too! I'm always up for trying new things...especially when they're easy and yummy!

 Can I get an amen on this one?!

How is the challenge going for everyone so far!? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and comments!

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Midwest Hello, From Sabrina (and Amelia!)

Hey Confetti Babe readers!  My name is Sabrina and I am the newest addition to the Confetti Babe Blogger Team.  I am so excited to share my life (and my family) with you all!

I am 26 years young and a first time momma to a five month old, Amelia Grace.  Amelia was born on my husband, Brandon, and I's six month anniversary (You do the math!).  Brandon owns his own tile business, which had really taken off in the past year or so.  This allowed me the opportunity to quit my job as the Director of Sales for a Skilled Nursing Facility and stay home full-time with our daughter.  We live in a small town outside of Omaha, Nebraska.  There really is no greater place to raise a family than the Midwest!  AND we are home to the number one zoo in the world, the Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo, and the College World Series.  If you ever get a chance, come visit!  You won't be disappointed.

I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a bachelors in Business Management and a minor in Marketing.  My passion for learning and writing was put on the back burner as I navigated the early stages of first time motherhood and am excited to fine tune my skills again and enter the blogging world!

My childhood obsession with being a ballerina has been projected on to poor Amelia.  I am constantly buying and making her tutus!  I can't wait to write a DIY tutu post down the road!  These have become a staple in our all of our photography sessions.  We are fortunate enough to have two family friends who are amazing photographers and willing to handle me and my little diva!  For Christmas last year, Brandon got me a Nikon D3200 and I am excited to put it to use for Confetti Babe!

With fall right around the corner, I cannot WAIT for football and hockey season to begin!  We are avid football watchers, mainly rooting for the Steelers (NFL) and the Cornhuskers (college).  Every weekend will be dedicated to cheering on our favorite teams!  My husband's family and I also participate in a Fantasy Football league, which I won last year!  I am not your typical girly-girl and can't wait to share my passions with you all!

I also enjoy supporting momma shops through Instagram and Etsy (that's how I found Confetti Babe!), cooking healthy and DAIRY FREE meals, finding mommy and me matching outfits, scoring awesome deals at Target (I mean really, who doesn't love Target?!) and spending time with my family and friends!  I cannot wait to share more of myself with you readers each week and get to know you in turn! 

 Until next time,

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fall Toddler Trend Spotting

Can you believe it is already August and kids are going back to school? Me either! The summer has flown by and as sad as I am for it to be coming to an end I am so excited for everything fall related; Especially fall clothes and shopping!! I have already been picking up a few fall pieces here and there for Harper and myself and she's already been rocking a few incorporated with summer gear. I just can't help myself. In no way am I trying to rush the seasons because I really do love summer but for the crazy shopping addict in me, its kinda like Christmas morning when the seasons start to change. ;) I thought I would put together some of my favorite fall trends that I think are going to be huge this year!

1: I'm loving this comfy cozy dresses that will pair perfectly with vests and leggings with boots.
2: One of my newest obsessions for fall. I have already ordered too and I check the mailbox religiously for them. They are all over Etsy and Instagram shops so keep your eyes peeled.
3: My favorite style of jeans is a skinny jean with a cuff because they are perfect paired with booties so obviously my mini me will need a pair!
4: Floral is huge again this season but in warmer colors which I am loving because I am not over the floral trend just yet.
5: Chambray is back, woo! So simple and stylish.
6: This is my favorite trend and one that Harps has already been rocking! I have seen them pop up on all of my fave shops on insta and I just know they are going to be that "it" thing this year. Crocheted, knitted, printed fabrics, you name it, I want them all! I have already bought a crocheted pair and they are the cutest things ever. I also have a super easy tutorial on how to make a pair and its literally the easiest DIY on the planet. I'll post that next week. They are great because they can be paired with a dress and moccs or over leggings and jeans and they just add such a cute touch to an outfit.
7: I'm loving any kind of boot for my babe that I would rock so these are a must, and from Target!
8: Plaid and checkered print anything is a must again this year so grab everything you can, or that is just what I tell myself, hehe! ;)

What else are you guys loving for fall?!? 

My Little Shoe Lover

I'm not going to lie, I have a bit of a problem when it comes to shoes. I love shoes, heels, flats, boots, you name it I love them. I love how shoes always fit, regardless of your size or shape, some you can keep for years because they are timeless and others last a season and your left wondering what ever possessed you to buy them.

Baby/Toddler shoes are no exception to this love and since welcoming a baby girl into my life my shoe obsession has reached a whole new level! I mean it started with Freshly picked moccasins for S's tiny little feet and now I can't stop swooning over all of the tiny little gems that come out each season. I try my best to be reasonable, I mean how many pairs of sandals does a toddler need, right? 

It wasn't until we were browsing through the aisles of Old Navy one day and S stopped in her tracks, plopped her butt down on the floor and eagerly tried to pull of her little moccasins to try on a shiny new pair of shoes that I realized my shoe obsession may be rubbing off on my little sponge. Yes her favorite thing to try on in the store is shoes and she squeals with excitement when mama comes home with a new pair for her.

I put together some of my favorite toddler shoe finds for the current season (because they're mostly all on sale) as well as some of my favorites for fall (my favorite)! Toddler boots? Yes please!

Toddler boy shoes

|| Moccasins (Freshly picked) || Oxfords (Here and Here) || Slip Ons ||

Hope you are all having a wonderful week. My family is off to Vancouver tomorrow and hopping on a cruise ship to Alaska Saturday so I will be out of touch for the next couple of weeks. I have some exciting posts planned for the fall though so stay tuned! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


In elementary school, my favorite teacher, ever, introduced my class to sign language to my class.  We performed a Christmas program and we used sign language. Ever since then I have been fascinated with learning more. At church I performed Silent Night during our Christmas programs. I was also on our church Praise Dance team and we used sign language. 

I am gathering materials to teach my daughter some signs; baby sign language. I am excited because it will be something that she and I share and I want her to be able to communicate differently.  With teaching her sign language, I hope that it will become something that will interest her, not only in childhood, but in adulthood. I believe that it will create great opportunities to meet different people in life.  




Learning sign language is one of my best childhood memories and it is something that I will never forget. Thank you,  Mrs. Gregg, you have impacted my life more than you'll ever know!

A quick hello from us!

6 Week Challenge | 6 Weeks to a Better Y-O-U

Recently, my husband and I went with some friends to the tropical wonderland of Jamaica. We had a great time, and often when on these trips I come home more tired and have nothing to look forward to. Can I get a vacay after the vacay?

 I like to have something to look forward to, so I decided to channel my inner thoughts of missing vacation into something positive. I came up with a 6 week challenge to make me into a better wife, mommy and person.  I am challenging you to do this with me! I actually started the challenge this week, so that I could be a week ahead of you and share what I did so that you would have some ideas! My week 1 will be posted on Monday, August 18th!

Here's how it goes (if you want to modify yours to fit your needs, that's totally fine)! I will be posting these each Monday. My week will go Monday-Sunday. Like I said, make yours work for YOU!

Week 1: Cook Dinner - I am a stay at home mama. I often lose track of time throughout the day, and then look up WHAM it's dinner time.  My husband is actually amazing at cooking and grilling out, but I wanted to give him a break and cook AND clean up the kitchen for an entire week.  I will be sharing week 1 in a separate post dedicated to EASY recipes and the schedule I used. (and, I'm doing it SUPER cheap.)

Week 2: Be a Fun Mom - Once again, I stay at home with my little love, so the days can get away from us quickly. We get in our daily routine, and I forget to get out the sidewalk chalk or let her play in the sprinklers. This week is dedicated to doing something NEW and FUN each day. Even if it's as simple as a dance, dance revolution in her tepee.

Week 3: L-O-V-E - Let's face it mommies: when we became "mom" the "wife" took the back burner.  Husbands tend to stay the same and don't really feel the stress of motherhood (I mean, did they carry around a life for 10 months?!). Husbands still need the TLC that we used to give them BB (before baby). So, this week is dedicated to your husbands TLC. What does he need? You give it to him. With a happy and giving heart. Yes, I said ANYTHING! ;)  I came across this article and I was really convicted. I am so tired and worn at the end of the day, but if I just put his needs before my exhaustion, we both benefit. Happy wife-Happy Life? Well, you have to have a happy hubby too!

Week 4: Social Media; goodbye! - I am so guilty of having my phone on me at all times. When I get a free second, you better believe Instagram is open or I'm mindlessly scrolling Facebook. This doesn't make me a better person. I'm giving one week of social media away. I'm deleting the apps on my phone and I'm not opening my computer to either of the websites. I want to show myself that I don't need it and I can get just as much satisfaction out of taking the picture and NOT posting it! I mean, who really cares that much about what coffee I am having this morning anyway? Yeah, no one. Ha!

Week 5: Pay It Forward - This week is to bless others. I am going to do one thing a day for others. Strangers. Friends. Family. It doesn't matter, just take your time and do something to bless another person's day. Simple as that!

Week 6: Get'er Done - Take this week as a week to get done something that you've been meaning to get done but haven't.  I have a list of things that I've been meaning to do but I never get around to it. Take this week to REALLY do it, mark it off your list, pat yourself on the back and forget about it! What's been hanging over your head that you need to do? Finish that book you started on vacation? Actually take a hot bubble bath without a baby? Clean those windows and blinds? Get the carpet shampooed? Yes, I've got a long list and a week to do it! I think I can, I think I can!

Some things I didn't include because I don't only want them to be for 6 weeks is my personal relationship with Jesus. I tend to pray throughout the day. I pray with Laikyn at night. I praise Him often and love him with my whole heart. I do want to get better at an actual "quiet time" and reading my Bible. I also would love to find a great bible study. I love Beth Moore studies, but need to branch out. Let me know if anyone has a great one!

Also, I hope that I don't stop the things from the week before. I hope to keep going on what I'm doing each week and just making time for it all!

Six weeks seems like an insanely long time. It's really not. Tackle it week to week. I am going to find joy in doing these things and hopefully will grow through them into a better person each day.

I am cross-posting this at my blog as well. Comment and let me know if you accept the challenge and want to be a better YOU!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Teething Baby

Hi guys!

Sorry I've been missing in action over the last week!

Kennedy is teething and it's been a hard week since I had to work more than usual.

I want to know what you guys do to help soothe your teething babies? I hate medication, so I try to stay away from the Tylenol or ibuprofen. I have been diffusing Young Living lavender at night to help baby girl sleep and it works like a charm. 

She also likes to nurse to help soothe her poor little gums.  Her favorite thing to chew on is her Alexandra Rose wooden teething rings.

Welp I gotta get back to my sweet girl.

Until next time,