Thursday, July 3, 2014

Current Obsession: Sahnda Marie Kids

As I started this post on Tuesday evening, we had a family emergency where we had to rush our 9 month old daughter, Kennedy, to the emergency room.  All is okay, but I was a complete wreck {I still have not fully recovered}.

So back to my current obsession - Sahnda Marie Kids.

I can't remember how I first discovered her on Instagram but once I saw her amazing little shoes, I just knew I had to get Kennedy a pair.

I just received them in the mail last week and they are adorable and the softest little things I have ever felt!  From what she posted on her Instagram {@sahndamarie} she will be making mommy and me matching shoes soon and I can't wait to own a pair for myself.

They came wrapped in tissue paper with this cute card and even a thank you button with an ice cream cone.  I always love those little "gifts" that come in handmade packages, like the handmade shoes weren't enough, she throws in the ice cream button.  I love it because I can add it to Kennedy's baby book.

There looks to be 35 different combinations of prints and colors for sale on her website.  There are shoes for boys and girls alike, along with gender neutral colors.   These shoes are handmade of high quality fabrics, including organic bamboo cotton velour, organic cotton sherpa, and vegan friendly faux suede.

I adore the bright, fun colors, they can pretty much go with anything and even though it is 95 degrees where I live, these keep Kennedy's feet at just the right temperature.  They don't make her feet uncomfortably hot and since she is starting to pull herself up into a standing position they have the perfect bottoms to prevent her from slipping.

I will definitely be purchasing more of these amazing shoes and like I said earlier I cannot wait until the mommy ones come out.  I love finding quirky pieces of clothing that I can wear and match Kennedy.  Mommy and me outfits are so adorable and you have to do it while they are little because they will eventually grow out of that stage of wanting to match mommy.

Please go check out Sahnda Marie Kids on Instagram and you will not be disappointed.  Thank you to whoever showed me her page.

{This is my personal opinion, I was in no way compensated for this review}

Until next time.

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