Wednesday, June 25, 2014

On your mark, get set, GO!

Hey y'all! This momma has been extremely busy with a teething baby. Last week my sweet Zoey was sick with a fever and a cough all to go along with her teething. Baby Zoey now has 2 teeth!

My baby crawls! She started the rocking on all fours, moved to the scoot, and now she's off! What a whirlwind it has been. 

That brings me to baby safety and the best products I have found.


When baby Zoey first wakes up she immediately reaches for the blinds or the strings.  This product has come in so handy for us because she can't grab them to pull them down on top of her. I purchased them from Babies R Us and they are made by Safety 1st. 

Crib Rail Teethers

Baby Zoey now has 2 little teeth! She likes to chew on everything and put everything into her mouth. These soft, phthalate-free made by Prince Lionheart, Crib Rail Teethers are amazing! They are universal and fit onto any crib.  Zoey loves them and chews on them all the time. These can also be found at Babies R Us. 

Safety Kit

Dream Baby makes a mother's dream safety kit for about $15! It can be purchased at Babies R Us and comes with door stoppers, corner cushions, socket covers, cabinet latches,  and safety catches/latches.

A few more pictures of my sweet growing baby!

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