Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Miracle

At 23 years old I found myself in love and marrying the man of my dreams. Cliché, I know. It was truly like living a dream. We had discussed having as many babies as possible. Unfortunately that dream was hard to make a reality.

We found ourselves struggling to conceive and wondering why. We were two perfectly healthy adults. The stress of trying to make our dreams a reality began to take a toll on our marriage. We were newlyweds. We should be happily in bliss, in paradise, honeymoon stage. That was not the case. We struggled to discuss anything but having a baby, something we both wanted badly. We prayed and sought out medical help. We tried everything. It was our last hope.

We were tested and we were healthy. The doctor couldn't find out why we couldn't have conceive.

Finally, we conceived! God had answered our prayers! We were overjoyed and over the moon excited! We couldn't wait to share the news! After sharing the news the unfortunate happened and we suffered a miscarriage. I was devastated. prayed as if someone had stabbed my in my heart and ripped it out. How could this happen. How could this be our story?! Why us? I questioned my faith, I questioned life. We prayed and we prayed and I knew God knew our hearts desires.

A year later a normal doctor visit became one of the most exciting days of our lives! We had been blessed again. Anxious and scared we decided to keep the news to ourselves. Days became weeks and weeks became months. She was perfect! She was healthy!

December 2nd, I was feeling miserable. I was exhausted and could barely move due to incredibly swollen legs and feet. We had come to visit my mother one last time before the baby was due to arrive and for a little pick me up. My mother felt it was best to go to the ER to get checked. While at the ER I was told the pain was contractions. The contractions began to get closer and my perfect pregnancy blood pressure was gone. My blood pressure was extremely high and they felt it was better to get the baby out.

I was only 36 weeks. So many thoughts rushed to the front of my mind. I was told to be prepared because she would only be around 4lbs. My heart sank. I wanted what was best for her. I wanted her to be healthy and okay.

On December 3rd, I began to labor to bring my sweet baby into this world. The labor was intense. I wasn't progressing. I labored for 2 days. On December 5th I got an epidural. Things took a horrible turn for the worst! I couldn't breathe, I couldn't catch my breath. I had passed out. I woke up in ICU and immediately asked for my baby. My mother told me that I did sign language and asked her was my baby okay. Was I okay? She didn't know that I knew sign laguage, lol. My sweet baby girl was born at 7lbs and 11ozs! She was perfect! Ten fingers and ten toes! She was healthy and had such strong lungs!

Every moment was worth it because I had my precious baby girl, Zoey Renay. I just wanted to share this story with you all.

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