Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hello Summer

There's something about summertime, maybe it's the extra punch of Vitamin D but I find it really hard to be anything but happy when the sun is shining. Heck, even on the rainy days I'm happy because they're so few and far between which means we can sleep in then cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie... that's what I picture anyway (you toddler moms know it's nothing but a dream).

Summer took it's slow old time arriving in Southern Alberta, but now that it's here we are making the best of it. We plan on spending all of our sunny days soaking up every last ounce of the sun's rays. For Scarlett this includes lots of water play for me it includes working on my tan tan lines and sipping on cider and sangria with friends. 

There really is nothing better than enjoying a nice cold drink with friends while sitting back and watching the kids play. Today I invited a couple of girlfriends over for the afternoon and we did just that; watching the girls play and splash in the pool in their sweet little swim suits was priceless. It's days like this that I am thankful that I work part time and that I have friends who also work shift work to share a random Wednesday afternoon with. 

Adorable, right?! 

And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't share some of my pool day essentials/favorites?!

Pool Day Fun

Pool Day Fun by tawnyanmac featuring a pink dress

I like to put Scarlett in something easy, a little sundress with a sun hat so that I can quickly change her into a swimsuit and back into her clothes afterwards. I'm loving this ombre striped dress [on sale currently]. I also love jelly sandals, especially for the spray park because they're waterproof; These jelly's from Gap are to die for. I like to keep Scarlett in a rash guard style suit if we are going to be in the sun for the afternoon, I'm a bit obsessed with sun safety so I'm always on the hunt for cute ones, we recently bought her this suit from Carters when we were in PEI and I can not find it anywhere. So annoying.

I really need to get a good tote just for the beach/pool/spray park. Something I can keep all the essentials in. I love these totes from PBK and they're on sale right now! 

I also never leave home without Scarlett's Contigo water bottle. She loves drinking iced water but when we are in the sun I always bring along a juice box to persuade her to drink a bit more. The Kiju Organics are our favorite! 

What are some of your pool day essentials? Do you prefer heading to the pool or the beach for an afternoon in the sun? If we had a beach closer I would say beach, for now we settle on a pool :)


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

On your mark, get set, GO!

Hey y'all! This momma has been extremely busy with a teething baby. Last week my sweet Zoey was sick with a fever and a cough all to go along with her teething. Baby Zoey now has 2 teeth!

My baby crawls! She started the rocking on all fours, moved to the scoot, and now she's off! What a whirlwind it has been. 

That brings me to baby safety and the best products I have found.


When baby Zoey first wakes up she immediately reaches for the blinds or the strings.  This product has come in so handy for us because she can't grab them to pull them down on top of her. I purchased them from Babies R Us and they are made by Safety 1st. 

Crib Rail Teethers

Baby Zoey now has 2 little teeth! She likes to chew on everything and put everything into her mouth. These soft, phthalate-free made by Prince Lionheart, Crib Rail Teethers are amazing! They are universal and fit onto any crib.  Zoey loves them and chews on them all the time. These can also be found at Babies R Us. 

Safety Kit

Dream Baby makes a mother's dream safety kit for about $15! It can be purchased at Babies R Us and comes with door stoppers, corner cushions, socket covers, cabinet latches,  and safety catches/latches.

A few more pictures of my sweet growing baby!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Hi everyone!! We finally arrived back home from our two week long vacation in Orlando a few days ago and let me tell you, I'm exhausted.  It was by far the best time I ever had down at Disney because Kennedy was there to share it with.

Kennedy rode on her first airplane and was such an awesome traveler.  It was so hot in Florida, but she was a perfect angel.

She loved meeting all of the characters and she went on every single ride that didn't have a height requirement.  I have never seen her so happy before.  She practical jumped out of my husband's arms when she saw Mickey Mouse for the very first time.  Our absolute favorite encounter was with Anna and Elsa at Magic Kingdom.  She adored them and would not let go of their hands.  We got to the park an hour before they opened so we could be one of the first families in line to meet them.  We waited a total of 10 mins and when we left the wait was FOUR hours long! Can you believe that?????

We went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios twice and Animal Kingdom once.  I think Kennedy's favorite ride was "It's a Small World" because of all the bright colors and music, plus who doesn't like that ride?!

She met most of the princesses, including Belle and Princess Jasmine.

Unfortunately, she was passed out in her stroller when it came time to meet Rapunzel, so mommy took that one on herself {She's one of my favorite princesses}.

Since we were gone for Father's Day, we even surprised daddy with going to Star Wars weekend at Hollywood Studios {I had matching shirts for Alan and I, along with a matching romper that I had made for Kennedy}.

We had so much fun and even mommy got a special surprise at Star Wars weekend.... I got to meet MATT LANTER from 90210 {He was there because he played the voice of Anakin on the TV show, Clone Wars}.  It was probably the highlight of the vacation for me.  He was loving Kennedy and she just kept wanting to look at him {probably because he is so good looking... sorry hubby haha}.

Why do vacations have to end? I wish we were still there right now even though it was a super busy, exhausting two weeks.  I can't wait to take Kennedy back again next year and see how much she enjoys everything as she gets older.

Until next time.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Favorite Mama Shops

Warning. This post could be lengthy because I LOVE supporting small business and mama shops. I would so much rather buy handmade goods than buy the same thing as everyone else in my city at Target (but I'm not gonna lie I still go there too, eek). My weakness is defiantly headbands and accessories for my fashionista. I don't even know where to begin but here is my Etsy favorited shops for starts!

Of course I love our Confetti Babe headbands! They are so glam and just beautifully made.

I am completely obsessed with this Momma and her beautiful shop. I love head wraps for harper because I just think they look so cute on her head and Karissa sells the most beautiful and original big bow headbands. Harper is also a Baby Jules model so we love them a little extra, but really how could you not?

This sweet momma makes adorable hand stamped leggings and yarn tasseled accessories. I love her leggings and of course I love handmade so its a win win!

I discovered this shop on IG and it has become one of my new faves. Her head wraps are so popular that they sell out in minutes and I have been lucky enough to snag 2 and they are adorbs!!

Custom portraits and monogram of your babe on a clip? Need I say more!! Swoon.

I love jumping and jelly bean because she not only has headbands and pretties for your babe, but she also sells crotched coffee cozies and they are too die cute!!! I've ordered a couple for friends and myself and I absolutely love them. 

I blame this shop for my handmade headband obsession because this momma got me hooked! ;) I have been ordering custom headbands from her for years now and she's still one of my faves!!

I am so happy and excited for the success of this handmade necklace shop that has now grown into not only necklaces but super cute tees with catchy sayings and everything is super sparkly!!! We have been head over heels since she opened and we actually won a giveaway when she like first started out so I am a huge supporter of her and her growing business!!

Woo! Enough Harper overload?!? Never!! haha. JK.

What are some mama shops you love?!?