Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hello, My Name is Garra and I'm a Moccaholic

If you follow my Instagram, you know I am absolutely obsessed with Freshly Picked moccs! Yes, I am Moccaholic and I truly have an addiction.

I was given the great pleasure of reviewing a pair of their awesome moccasins. What could be better reviewing a product I already absolutely adore?

Freshly Picked in Aruba
A little back story... Susan Peterson is the founder of Freshly Picked, she literally started her company with 200 dollars and it grew from there, after not being able to find cute baby shoes for her kiddos.  She was recently on Shark Tank and then her company really took off.

Back to the moccs.... They are the cutest things I have ever seen and very practical.  They come in sizes 1 (3.60 inches) to size 10 (7.34 inches) and I wish they came in adult sizes (maybe one day... one can wish).

I always recommend sizing up, they will stay on your kiddos feet because of their unique design and elastic around the opening.

Kennedy is currently wearing size 2 and 3s.  The 2s are a tad big on her and the 3s are huge but as said before they stay on because of that elastic at the opening.  When buying your babes clothing and shoes, we all know how fast they grow out of things so I like them big so she can grow into them and we can get more wear out of them.

We decided to have a picnic
They are soft-soled and great for both infants and walkers.  They are made out of real leather and I am super excited for when Kennedy starts walking so I can see how they hold up, I have only heard amazing things.

Kennedy loves her moccs so much, she tries to eat them right now, but then again at 7 months old she tries to put everything in her mouth.

We wear them almost every day and currently Kennedy has 10 pair ... Needless to say she has more shoes than I do.

Freshly Picked has been launching a new color every week for the past couple of months and I highly recommend you check out their Facebook page because they have awesome giveaways with each launch.  I am super excited about the neon pink ones launching later this month, of course I will be getting them!

We had to add some mommy kisses into the mix
Thank you so much to the entire Freshly Picked team for giving me this opportunity to review your products and be sure to follow me on Instagram (@garra_schulze) for a chance to win your very own pair of moccs later this month.  Enjoy!

Until next time.

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