Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fever, oh no...

Happy belated Mother's Day to all you mommas out there! I hope you all had a great day and were spoiled by your loved ones!
   Apparently we celebrated a little too much over the weekend because my sweet girl picked up a little sickness last night. She took an extra long nap and woke up a little extra hot than usual but I thought it was just from her long nap. She was totally fine the rest of the day and night and then as soon as we she went to bed I noticed she was extremely hot; hotter than her usual temperature (p.s.- we co-sleep so thankfully I noticed right away) so I took her temp and it was 102! She has never had that high of a temp so I kinda had a freak out and told Daddy to bring down Tylenol ASAP. She took it and fell right back to sleep and slept fine throughout the night. She awoke still burning up so I gave her more Tylenol and just snuggled with her on the couch watching her favorite shows. She acted pretty normal throughout the morning. She drank her milk, ate her usual breakfast and was not extra whiny or anything so I was totally stumped by this sudden fever. At around 11 a.m. her temp was gone and she was back to about 99 degrees. She is napping again now and as I sit here worrying about her and what could be going on with her little body Ive been thinking about all the things I can do to relive her discomfort. Sick babies are the worst. You sometimes feel so  helpless and you would do anything to take their pain away so I have a few helpful remedies to help your little ones when they are not feeling their best. 

I know their are some amazing natural remedies (I found this list of some here) to fight off a fever and colds but I grew up in a medical family so that is usually the first thing we do to give some relief to any ailment that might be going on so these are just what help my little girl feel better. I am one of those that hates taking and giving tons of medicine but I try to keep it to a minimum as much as possible. Tylenol really does help, and especially today. It has completely cleared her fever but sadly it did come back as soon as she was up from her nap. It's gone again for the moment but she took a nice cool bath and we have the humidifier going. I'm really hoping this is just a one day thing and doesn't turn into something else. 

What are some other good tips to keeping fevers down and other sickies away??

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