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What was in my Hospital Bag(s)!!!

Packing for the hospital could seem like a feasible task but it is actually a little bit more than toiletries and your boppy. For the most enjoyable stay at your very expensive lodging (haha) in my opinion you should pack everything that is going to make you feel like yourself and comfortable. After all, you are going to be going through some life changing "stuff"!! Now that I have experienced and lived the "I'm having a baby what do I need to take to the hospital" list I have compiled my must haves for Mommy, Daddy, and Baby. I know when I am ready for baby two (in the faaar future) this list will come in handy for me. P.S.- I'm a list lady, anyone else?

For Mom
I know it might look like all I'm worried about is what to wear but that's not it. I did not think about what to wear after I actually had the baby and had to live in a hospital for over two days with other humans who had to look at me... Sorry peeps. You are going to have guests, nurses and doctors, and whoever else in and out of your room 24/7. Looking back on photos I wish I would have worn something a little different but thats just men being vain...  I hate seeing myself in my ugly hospital gown and it was actually annoying to wear.  Luckily I did pack my nursing tank and some comfy shorts so that was the uniform for my stay.  I would suggest buying everything bigger because you will obviously not be back to your bikini body just yet, sorry, and it will be so much more comfortable!
Nursing Tank: Since I was nursing, my boobs were pretty much out at all times but these nursing tanks make your life 100% easier. You need to have those suckers (pun intended) ready at all times. I also love that you feel like you are in more normal clothes than just the gown, blah. 
Comfy Shorts: If you don't want to wear the dreaded hospital gown the whole time I would suggest something comfortable and easy to maneuver on and off. Bathroom breaks suck after having a baby, the nurses will be checking unmentionables (down there) a lot, and I just can't lie, you are going to be in pain so easy breezy shorts are a must.
Jacket: It's nice to have a light jacket or cardigan to throw on to cover yourself when guests come by and also hospitals are just so cold to me. Once again, unzip, nurse, and repeat forever. ;)
Slippers: These came in handy when walking back and forth to the restroom and also around the hospital. My hospital was very adamant about getting out of bed and walking around the halls with your baby so its important to pack easy slip on and off shoes.
Makeup: This is obviously optional but I felt so much better after I took a shower and put a little makeup on and felt "pretty" and more like myself. I feel like I'm repeating myself but you are about to go through something so OMG that you need to still feel like a real person and not just that one lady that just gave birth. I promise, you will thank me later.
Shampoo/Conditioner: Some hospitals provide a generic shampoo/conditioner/body wash combo but yuck... See above if you need a better explanation to why you might want to pack your own hair cleansing items and products. Most also offer hair dryers so I would skip packing one unless you really need your own. 
Body Wash: See above ^^^^^^^^^^. Also lotion is a good idea because hospitals are really dry. And face wash unless you want the generic soap used for everything... Those are so weird to me :/
Maxi: A strapless maxi dress is pretty much the perfect outfit for mom to go home in. Especially a maternity one because it will be more forgiving since once again you might not be back to your pre pregnancy glory. I suggest strapless because its so easy to slip on and you can just put some breast pads right into it for an easy ride home.
Flip Flops: Must! and very self explanatory.
Chapstick: This is random but you will absolutely want a chap stick because the hospital air is like the damn desert. DRY. yikes.

Also, the hospital will provide your fancy panties, pads, ice packs, and a little squirt bottle that is awesome :) so its pretty much pointless to bring that stuff. Also you will have to wear compression socks after birth to prevent blood clots most likely so I also didn't include socks but it wouldn't hurt to bring some just in case. Oh, and don't forget your toothbrush and toothpaste. You might want to brush your teeth :0 

Dad's are so much easier to pack for. They could care less about what they're wearing for a couple days (well in my case anyways) and if they have to use the icky hospital soap. Cringe! And lets be honest Daddy is all about making sure his lady and their new bundle of joy are good. :)

Comfy Tee: Pack a few tees and he's good to go!
Sweatpants: Also some comfy sweats because he will be the one running errands and sleeping on a chair ;)
Sneakers: ^^^^^^
Hat: Just in case he wants to hide his icky soap hair! haha
Toiletries: But lets not forget to shower and brush your teeth please. Dad needs to feel normal to right?!
Blanket: Next time I will bring my man his own blanket instead of using hospital sheets. Poor bubs.
iPad: Ours came in handy a lot for Dad because there was sometimes when he was just flat out bored.
Chapstick: Keep their baby kissing lips soft too.

Also, sorry guys, the hospital will not provide you with underwear so don't forget yours and socks and whatever else you need to function throughout the day!

Luckily your sweet new baby won't need too much because the hospital literally provides everything from diapers, wipes, nose suckers, pacifiers, blankets, little shirts, and hats. But I'm sure you are planning a take home outfit and you probably will want to start dressing up your new baby doll so you might want to pack a few extras. I packed about 20 outfits too many because I mean hello I had been staring at my baby girls closet for 9 long months, but I ended up only dressing her in onsies and gowns because they were the most convenient.
Gowns: I love these for newborns because they are super easy for diaper changes and you don't have to worry about their umbilical cord getting messed with.
Onsies: Teeny tiny newborn onsies were about the only thing that would fit my 6 pound baby so these are a must, and actually the only thing she wore for over a month. I love these as a simple going home outfit because you can find them in the cutest colors and prints!
Hat: Since the hospital ones are a little old school, I of course had to bring my own to spice up my little ones head.
Car Seat: Don't forget your car seat. ;)
Diaper Bag: You might as well start using your diaper bag even though you don't need to bring diapers and creams and what not but you can fill your babes clothes in it, and its probably a good idea to pack a few outfits just in case of messes.
Grooming Kit: You must bring a grooming kit unless your sweet babe scratching you and his/her face up! (According to my hospital) Hospitals are not allowed to touch babies nails so that is your first scary task as a parent. File those babies down. It's also nice to have the brush and other miscellaneous  stuff in their as well.
Swaddling Blankets: The hospital obviously provides blankets but I loved having our own their too.
Socks/Booties: A must have for those sweet toes that tend to chill super fast!
Mittens: Even after you file or clip your babes nails you might want to put mittens on them just in case. Baby nails are extremely sharp.

Also, you really don't need diapers or wipes (unless you are planning on cloth diapering) because the hospital provides that kind of stuff. No need to really bring your pump either because they can provide you one to use with all the parts so don't waste your time and space packing that bulk. They also provide formula if you are not nursing so no need to bring any of that or bottles. They also provide pacifiers if you choose to use those too.

As if packing for 2.5 people wasn't even there are a few extras I want to mention.

Bag: Its easier to bring one big roomy bag for you and your partner because you are about to leave with sooo much more than you left with! ;)
Snacks: Keep around a few snacks for easy eating while you are nursing and recovering.
Pillow: Extras pillows are always great for sleeping, nursing, and baby holding.
Boppy: NEED. I have used mine since day one and I am still using it as I type this, LOL.
Lanolin: My hospital provided me with nursing extras but I would suggest bringing Lanolin for extra relief from sore nipples.
Hair Ties: Always!
Phone/Chargers: This kind of seems like an obvious but don't forget it! You'll have to update Facebook and IG somehow right?! JK!
Camera: Bring your fancy camera to capture those tender first moments. You won't regret it.
Baby Book: Put babies foot and hand prints in your baby book. Its also nice to update during the slow boring times of your stay.
Wallet: Make sure you have all of your ID cards, insurance cards, money, etc. I know, another obvious but just in case because you will need your ID for birth certificate information.

I hope this compilation of hospital packing essentials comes in handy! I know I will be looking back at this in a couple of years when I am ready to pack for baby #2!!

Did I miss anything? What did you pack in your bag(s)??

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