Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hospital Bags: What we packed

I started packing my hospital at 32 weeks since I was having complications.  I read most people don't start packing until 34 weeks or after.  I looked at the Bump's checklist to see what all it had on there and it was SUCH a long list....

I decided half the stuff was so unnecessary.  So in my bag, I had nursing tanks, socks, slippers, toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, etc), chapstick (it is a MUST), a pair of sweat pants, a couple t-shirts, my cell phone charger, iPad and Disney's Tangled (because my hospital room had a DVD player).  I also made sure I had my wallet with my insurance cards and ID (this is also another MUST).

Kennedy's bag consisted of a couple onsies, a going home outfit, the boppy, lanolin, a few swaddling blankets, I did bring some of my own diapers (even though we had plenty from the hospital) and of course her carseat.

My hubby didn't pack much because he had to go home and let our dogs out every now and then throughout the day so he showered and changed at home.  He did bring his phone charger and some basketball shorts for nighttime.  He also brought change and singles in case he wanted something from the vending machine after the kitchen has closed for the evening. Does anyone else wonder why they don't keep hospital kitchens open past 6 or 7?  I was starving at 10 and had to send the hubby out to get me something to eat.

Our hospital provided mostly everything Kennedy and I needed while we were there.  We took a hospital tour and found out all of this information, so thats why I felt most items on the usual checklists were not necessary.

Until next time. =)

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