Monday, April 28, 2014

Fun Outside Toys

Can you guys believe that May is in three days? Me either! But I am excited because that is just one day closer to summer! I love summer so much for so many reasons but the main one would be the warm weather and everything that comes with the sunny days and nights. Since I live in a location where it is not always warm (Nebraska. It’s in the middle of the map if you’re not sure what state I’m talking about, haha kidding) so we tend to really treasure our hot months.
It has been so nice outside the last few weeks and we are loving every minute of it. My Harper loves going outside. It’s her favorite thing to do and she literally asks me all day long, “outside?” until we are out there. Now that she is older, she can actually enjoy more outdoor activities so it’s really fun to be out there with her. Our usual routine right now starts with some driveway chalk drawings, bubbles and usually ends up in the backyard playing at the water table. She sometimes takes her little sit on rider out there but it usually ends with me pushing her which is a workout, no thanks. 

This list of fun makes me so giddy for summer!!! 

Chalk: A must! I love this big box of 48 because it has beautiful colors so it is fun for mommy and babe! Also, there is nothing better than a fresh box of new Crayola chalk.

Beach Balls: Even my girly girl loves playing with bouncy and beach balls. We had this one last year and it is so cute with a little blow up fish in the center.

Bubble Trumpet: Bubbles are always an essential baby and toddler activity but I thought this looked fun because my independent girl now wants to blow her own bubbles but it is a disaster. Pretty much drinking the bubbles, yum. I can’t wait to add this to our summer bucket!

Wheely Bug Bee: Harper received one of these last year but she was too small for it so this year she finally knows how to maneuver it and actually enjoys the little thing. It works much better outside than on the carpet so its on the list! ;)

Sprinkler: This might be my favorite find ever!!! How cute is this floral sprinkler? I am obsessed! Every child loves running through the sprinklers so I can’t wait to see miss H skipping through these little flowers this year!

Baby Pool: I hope this is big enough for me to lay in because this is amazing! I spotted this at Target yesterday and knew it was another must! We had a very basic blow up baby pool last year and it was perfect for a one year old but she is way too busy to just sit still in a round pool of water this year. Hopefully we can go get this soon because momma needs a tan ;)

Water Table: And last but certainly not least; The holy grail of outdoor fun! I am not kidding, this toy is life changing. (I know dramatic but really!) Harper got this from the easter bunny this year (a similar one) and she has been in toddler heaven ever since! It really does keep her entertained for at least 30 minutes at a time which is a win in my books. Do not miss out on this fun!

Am I missing any fun outside toys?

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