Monday, March 17, 2014

Sending your baby to "School!"

So as a stay at home Mom, the thought of my little girl not being in my care for even a second was a little daunting to Me. Ever since she was born, it has been hard for me to give up control (even to her Dad) to take care of her. I don't think I even left her with anyone including her Dad for at least three months. I was so nervous and anxious that something would go wrong unless I was with her 24/7. She has even slept in bed with my from day 1. (That is a whole other blog topic. LOL) Once she was around a year old I started to feel more comfortable with her being away from me and I actually enjoyed the alone time even if it was just a trip to the store. I have now left her even over night with her grandparents while her Dad and I go on date nights and I feel A OK about it. This might seem small to some, but for me this was a huge undertaking. I finally mustered up the courage to find a Mothers Day Out program at a local church and decided to enroll her in it for once a week for three hours. She has been going for a little over a month now and each time gets better and better. She is extremely attached to me so I was super nervous for her and I did not want her to be crying every time I left her since she has never been in the care of someone that she didn't know. I get asked a lot of questions about the transition so I thought I would tell about some things I do with her to try to make the "drop-off" a little less painful, for Mom and baby. 

First Day of School!

  • First I would recommend taking a tour of the facility and learn as much as possible about the place and staff. I felt extremely comfortable at our place and was put at ease when I found out they had a secure entrance and were very particular about who could come in and out of the building. The teachers and so nice and they have been working their for years. I was so at ease which is huge for the anxious momma.
  • Days before she started going I took her to Target to get some "school" supplies and would keep talking to her about school and how much fun it was going to be! I really tried to hype it up that she was going to play with other kids and color and have snacks because those are some of her favorite activities!
  • On her first day I made it a huge deal that she was a big girl and I was so proud of her for going to school. I packed her backpack that she loved with pacis, her loves, diapers, extra clothes, and a stuffed animal that she loves just in case. When we first got there she was already hesitant but I sat in the room with her for a few minutes and as soon as she saw something she wanted to play with I got up and snuck out. I know I didn't warn her but I think that would have made it worse. The teachers did tell me she cried for a little bit but was soon over it which I knew was going to happen. My Mom always tells me that she will soon realize that even though you left, you will always come back to get her so she will put two and two together and know that you are coming back shortly so that is what I always try to think about when I'm feeling bad about leaving. And of course when I came back she was so happy to see me and ran into my arms which melted my heart!
The next week was a much better drop off and each week gets better and better. She did miss last week because she was sick and this week was a hard one again so I feel like I am kind of starting over but I know she just needs to keep going to get over her fear of being away from me and being around others is great for her social skills so it has really been a great new adventure in our lives.
To make it a little easier for me; I keep myself busy by going to Stabucks and trying to get work done so I'm not constantly worrying about her and now I am actually thinking of putting her in the all day program soon because it really does make both of us happier to be away from each other for a few hours as weird as that might sound.

I would love to know if anyone else has any good tips for taking your babes to programs or schools when they aren't use to it yet. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! xoxo

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