Monday, March 3, 2014

Harper's Birth Story

Harper's birth plan and birth story are pretty much uneventful... but nonetheless special for me!
First Picture

I love those cheeks!
My pregnancy was easy breezy and I feel so thankful for that. The only thing that I was ever worried about was the risk of her being born with club feet like I was so we had a couple extra ultrasounds to check her hands and feet but luckily they never found any abnormalities. So I guess I'll start at the weekend of her birthday. On Friday I went to dinner with my family and family friends for my step dads birthday and I made sure to order the spicy shrimp to kick start something (I was so ready for her to come). I was 3 cm dilated for about a month so I knew I was already 1/3 of the way there and I think that made me more impatient to meet my little girl.
Looking really cute trying to get labor started.

Last belly pic. I was so shaky and nervous I couldn't get a clear pic.
The next day, my hunny had to work and I had a wedding to go to that evening so I was lounging around all day and around 2 p.m. I started leaking fluid and at first I thought I was peeing my pants so I kept changing but it just kept coming. It wasn't a huge gush like I was expecting so I didn't know what was going on so I decided to call my doctor to ask her. She said it sounded like my water was breaking so I should head to the hospital. I think my heart was beating out  of my chest! I still remember asking my doctor if she thought I had enough time to take a shower and wash my hair because I was nasty. LOL. She said no, I better just head to the hospital so my mom took me in and they checked to see if it had broke and at first they said no and were about to send me home, but it just kept coming so I insisted that they do something else. They finally checked me with some scary contraption and it was in fact broken. So I was admitted and they let me take a shower before they hooked me up to ivs, haha! My boyfriend got there and because I wasn't in active labor I walked the halls for hours... So boring. After a few hours they finally started pitocin and that's when the real fun started ;). I started really feeling the contractions but I wanted to hold out for as long as possible to get my epidural because I wanted it to last for the pushing. I waited till I was about 7-8 cm and it was the best feeling! I think I even updated my Facebook status to "epidurals are the best thing ever!" or something like that. It really was amazing and I just sat there and talked to my mom and boyfriend and our nurse for a couple more hours until I was finally 10 cm around midnight. The nurse called my doctor to come in and we practiced pushing for about 30 minutes until she arrived. Harper's heart rate started dropping a little and that was a scary moment for me but once I turned on my side and had the oxygen mask it was fine and she was born perfectly healthy on June 24th (9 days early) at 1:47 a.m. She was my perfect little peanut and it was the best moment of our lives!!

First family photo!

 I feel so lucky to have had such a great pregnancy and birth and I would do it a thousand times if they were all that easy! We did not go in with a "birth plan" other than I knew I would probably want an epidural but I am pretty easy going and I just wanted a healthy baby no matter how she came into the world!
She would only sleep if someone was holding her.

My little doll!

She was a champ nurser right from the beginning and I was so happy and just felt so content with this mom thing! The only thing was that she would not sleep in the bassinet. As soon as I would lay her down she would be so mad and from that moment I knew she was probably not going to be the best sleeper. Momma was right, she never would sleep on a flat surface :/ I took full advantage of all the help from the nurses and her going to the nursery so I could sleep a few hours at night and I would suggest to all moms not to pass up that help because you will not get that again!
Going home!

I am so blessed to have had an amazing birth experience and won't even forget it!!


  1. I love hearing other birth stories! Such a cute little bundle of joy!!