Sunday, March 2, 2014

Birth Plans and What Really What Happened.

Hi guys!  I wanted to have monthly topics on subjects that are close to our hearts or that we feel very strongly about. The first one is:
I've shared ours with lots of people but I've never written it down. Here goes mine! Everywhere I read when I was pregnant suggested to have a birth plan and share it with your doctor but to not expect that it would pan out as you thought.  Well for me, that was kinda right.  I knew I wanted a natural delivery with no epidural but I never wrote a birth plan because in my head I knew that when it came down to it, I was going to go with whatever was the best choice for my little baby girl.

I had a great pregnancy with no complications and very minimal nausea.  I think the worst was that acid reflux close to the end of the 9 months.  I was due 12-14-12 (and I was secretly wishing she'd get here by 12-12-12) but she had other plans and came later.  I was scheduled to be induced on 12-17-12 if she wasn't here by then and I believe she would've been here earlier (and naturally) if things would've gone the way they should have.  Here's where it all started.  Always trust your gut.  Towards the end of my prenatal care I started to dislike my doctor.  I wanted to change last minute but if I did, I had to go through a gazillion check ups and tests so I decided to stick it out.  Bad choice.

We went in to the hospital on Friday because I had the "bloody show".  It wasn't a reason to go - I learned that later.  They let me go back home and on Sunday 12-16-12 my water broke.  We went in like at 7 because I had heard you should go in as soon as your water breaks you should go in to avoid PROM (premature rupture of membranes).  The nurse "checked me" (don't think she thoroughly did) and said it wasn't my water.  Unless it's normal to pee on yourself hours before your labor, this had to be it but they sent me home since I was already scheduled for induction the next morning at 8am.  I remember passing by the gas station with Jesse and having to place a towel on the seat because I was still "peeing". 

Next morning came and we were off to our scheduled induction.  We were sooooo excited!  I was admitted and I told the nurse about what happened the night before but it was taken lightly.  It was 10am when they game me some pitocin and by noon, I had crazy shivers and the labor pains were finally getting to me. I got an epidural and soon after the shivers were so uncomfortable I told my nurse, she took my temperature and boom...fever.  At this same time, they noticed that my baby's heart rate was high. I panicked but they assured me some antibiotics would do the trick.  I really don't remember why we waited so long but it was 6:30pm and Isela's heart wasn't as steady as they wanted it to be.  We waited for me to dilate enough but at 7pm and 9cm later, the doctor decided to have a c-section.  At this point, I was semi-furious because I didn't know why we waited so long for the c-section.  Why wait after her rate wasn't normalizing and why after 9 effin' centimeters.  I say this upset now but of course in the moment, all I wanted was to hold a healthy baby.

12-17-12 7:05pm

I got to have about 30 minutes of skin to skin and then they took her away so we could settle in our room.  Then they brought her back to me and we tried having her latch on for about 20 minutes, unsuccessfully until they told me they had to take her.  They had to check if she had an infection due to mine.  She did.  I was so angry and so sad I couldn't have her next to me.  They took her to the NICU and had to give her a 7 day treatment of antibiotics.  It was horrible having to leave her every day especially with Christmas around the corner.  I think I cried every time I left the hospital.

My friend's aunt has a daughter who is deaf so she made me aware that with too much antibiotics (especially gentamyocin) one of the possible side effects is hearing loss.  My FRIEND told me.  Another reason to be genuinely pissed.  When she left the hospital right on Christmas Day she was tested and failed her left side so we had a follow up 2 weeks after.  Now she failed right.  They finally sent me to the Children's Hospital and thank God she passed on Valentine's Day!

Love, love, love her!  It;s so sad that a lot of people have negative birth stories especially with their firstborns and am totally happy for those that have a wonderful experience but what is it that's going on for their to be so many c-sections nowadays? It's also crazy how many similar stories to mine there are.  Has anyone ever had a similar experience?

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