Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hi, from Taylor!

Hello New Friends!
I just wanted to introduce myself and my little family!

I am Taylor from A Princess, Made Mommy and I am elated to be apart of the Confetti Babe Bloggers.
I am a young Momma living with my amazing hunny (Nicholas) and 1 year old (almost 2 year old, tear...) Harper Jane. I have been blessed with the most amazing Daddy to our baby and best friend to Me who takes such good care of his girls (including our Pomeranian Bella) and allows me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. Our little Harper girl is our pride and joy and we might be a tad obsessed. ;)

I am a newbie photographer and have just recently made my once a little hobby into a growing business. My new found love and business has taken off a lot faster than I could have ever dreamed but it has been a huge blessing for me and my family and I have high hopes for the future of Taylor Wintle Photography. I also have my cosmetology license and although I am not a working stylist I still have a passion for all things hair and beauty and would love to get back into doing hair one day. In my day to day life (besides taking care of my sweet pea) you can usually catch me watching my favorite reality TV shows (especially every season of The Real Housewives), Instagramming (follow me @xotaylorwintle, I'm obsessed and have made wonderful friends through IG), painting my nails, editing photo sessions, grocery shopping at Trader Joe's & Target, and of course the always boring laundry/cleaning/etc. Enough about me let me tell you a little about the cutest member of our family.

Harper aka Harper J/Harper Girl/HJ/Boogs/Harps

She is the epitome of sugar & spice!! This girl definitely keeps me on my toes all day. She has the cutest personality and is a little too smart for her own good. ;) Just kidding, but really! I love her infectious smile and giggles but she is also very serious sometimes but I just consider her very expressive LOL. She is an extreme girly girl who loves princess everything, baby dolls, jewelry, shoes, shopping, headbands & bows, and coloring! She is my own personal doll because I have turned my love of fashion and shopping into an obsession of all things stylish for little ones. She is truly a gem and I am one lucky lady to have her call me Mom!

I can not wait to share with you a little piece of us! xoxoxo

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