Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hello from Brittney & Kendalynn!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to stop by and say hi and introduce myself and my little girl, Kendalynn. I am a twenty something year old stay at home mom who blogs, and I'm working on becoming a work at home mom. I plan to open up a children's clothing and accessories store and re-open my blog design shop! We live in Houston with my amazing husband, but we're originally from Austin, Texas. Kendalynn is almost 5 months old (OMG how does time go by so fast now?!) and I blog about my crazy adventures with her! I am new to this mom thing and I love connecting with other moms.

Kendalynn has modeled for some online shops and I love to host giveaways. The thing I'm most passionate about, other than baby fashion and graphic design, is helping others and giving them an opportunity to win something.

As a welcome present, here is a free wallpaper download for all of us who have precious jewels. This is a watercolor background done with my custom brushes, a text quote, and hand drawn elements with gold. I did Spring colors since it's coming soon, but there is also a gray one for boring people like me :P I hope you enjoy! I look forward to this journey and I want to thank Wendy for this opportunity again! :)

Hint:  Go to safari on your iPhone or iPad and save it to use on those devices, too!

"Jewel Mint"
"Jewel Blush"
"Jewel Radiant Orchid"
"Jewel Gray"

A little hello

Holli here! I just want to pop in and say "hello" (haha, see how clever I am?!). I snapped a few pics of my sweet Charlotte this weekend and thought I'd share. She's wearing her usual smirk as well as one of our all time favorite brands, Hello Apparel. Love, love, love their stuff!

Her mattress doubles as a bed and a playground! She loves jumping on and off of it. :) Where do your little ones sleep? A crib? A co-sleeper? A bed? Your bed? We've done it all!


Monday, February 24, 2014

From Diaper Bags to your "Mom Purse"

Happy Monday Friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. My household just survived the dreaded stomach bug and lets just say I am ecstatic for that nasty thing to be gone... :(
Usually on Monday's I clean, do laundry, and organize for the upcoming week and today I was cleaning out my purse and was thinking how much it has changed in the last year. Since becoming a Mom, my purse turned into a diaper bag filled to the brim with everything baby!! I'm pretty sure most moms could live out of their diaper bags if need be. A million diapers, wipes, extra outfits, many toys, snacks for you and baby, bibs, hats, burp cloths, etc. (Wow, that gives me anxiety just thinking about how much you have to pack for a new baby.) Here is what my diaper bag looked like this time last year when my Harper was about 8 months old.

Wow, so many things for such a small babe!! I tried many styles of diaper bags but I found a backpack was the easiest when you are toting a heavy baby in a car seat and your entire life in one bag... Literally.

Once Harper was around a year old I noticed I never really carried my overly packed backpack around anymore. I just started carrying whatever purse I was into that month and would just throw in a few essentials that Harper might need when we left the house. This might sound like a trivial thought but it kind of is life changing ;) It feels so good to simplify and know that you and your little human can now function a little easier in the outside world! Yay!! This is how my bag looks like most of the time now that my baby is almost a two year old.

I usually just carry around my beloved Louis with a small wristlet (because I love the versatility of these) for my wallet. Of course wipes and diapers because I have somewhat of a baby still and butt paste just in case. I always have my Betsey Johnson Wristlet to hold various chap sticks, lip gloss, sunscreen, and other random beauty products. A little hand sanitizer, lotion, perfume, and gum is a must for me. A few Harper musts are bows, a little toy doll, and our sunnies just in case! And of course my iPhone that never really even leaves my hands lets be honest, but yup, its always there! But this is just the cleaned out version because the dirty version is filled with receipts, crayons, pacifiers, crumbs, and more "ickies" as Harper would say. LOL. You can all relater right?! :) What are some of your baby/toddler mom purse must haves?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Babe Style :: Brenna Turns 1!

One of my sweet friends, Melissa (that I actually met through IG), has shared her little babe's first year shoot with us.  Brenna was born 3 days after Isela and they've met once.  It's crazy to see both our babies grow and grow.  This shoot is darling and she's sporting some of our hair candy to boot!

Brenna: you are gorgeous little lady!  We need some more play dates on the book!

Photos via Dandelion Dreams.

Outfit I
Top, Shorts, + Tights :: Zara
Boots + Vest :: Old Navy
Headband :: Athena Headband by Confetti Babe

Outfit II
Onesie :: Old Navy
Tutu :: Target
Headband :: Jasmine by Confetti Babe

Thanks for letting us share Melissa!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

Confetti Babe Launch Giveaway!

So we're finally spreading the news that we're officially live!  To celebrate Valentine's and our launch, we're hosting a sweet giveaway!

Leave a comment for an entry and go to our Instagram @confettibabe to follow everyone involved for more chances to win!

Contest ends 2/18!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hi to all our new friends - from Garra (and Kennedy)

Hi everyone! I just would like to take a few moments to tell you a little bit more about myself and my family.  I am so excited to be blogging along with these other mommas and couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity.

My name is Garra and I am a (almost) 25 year old, new mother.  I have a beautiful 4 month old daughter named, Kennedy, who is my whole world.  I have been married to my husband, Alan, for a year and a half now and love my little family so so much.

Kennedy was born 10 days early at a whole 5 lbs. 6 oz and 18 1/2 inches long.  She has been wearing bows since day one and I might be a tad obsessed.  We probably have close to 300 bows/headbands. We are also what you call "moccaholics," they are just the cutest baby shoes ever and really wish they came in my size.  We love Freshly Picked and wear their moccs almost every day.  Kennedy LOVES shopping, she takes after her momma already. =)

 2 of Kennedy's newborn photos when she was 7 days old.

I couldn't resist. Probably the best idea I have ever come up with... heheh

Reflections by Talea Photography

She has just now really started discovering herself and having a personality.  She loves grabbing her feet and has discovered she has a voice.  She "talks" non stop all day long.  It is the cutest thing I have ever seen.  She has just learned to roll over from back to tummy, so now that she is mobile (she has been able to go from tummy to back for a while now) we have to watch her even closer.. hahah.  I can't wait to see what new things she starts discovering over the next few months.  I love being able to stay home most of the week, watching her grow and reach new milestones.  I am so lucky to be her mommy and have never been happier.

Valentine's Day Mini Shoot (4 months old)

Kayla Jean Photos

I am really hoping that she grows up to love all things Disney, just like her momma.  I am so obsessed and really think I was born a Disney Princess.  My hubby and I even went on our honeymoon to Disney World.  We will be taking Kennedy in June and cannot wait to take tons of photos of her there.  My passion for Disney began when I was 5 years old when my parents took my for the very first time.  Since then I have been to Disney World 13 times.  

At Paris in Epcot (honeymoon)

(Yes I made my hubby wear the Minnie and Mickey bride/groom ears while on our honeymoon)

Since Kennedy has been born, I have learned that I have a passion for photography and am learning all about my new DSLR camera.  I also love design, I have a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and Advertising.  I love editing my photos in photoshop and coming up with ideas for new ads and graphic designs.  I have always been very creative my entire life, we do not really know where I get it from because my mom has no creativity whatsoever. 

On days that I am not working, I spend all day cuddling and being with my daughter... oh and I am constantly on Instagram (@garra_schulze).  I have connected with so many great people and shops (Confetti Babe) on there and so glad to call them all my friends.

Kayla Jean Photos

I look forward to having you follow along on this crazy journey I call life with me! xoxox

Hi, from Taylor!

Hello New Friends!
I just wanted to introduce myself and my little family!

I am Taylor from A Princess, Made Mommy and I am elated to be apart of the Confetti Babe Bloggers.
I am a young Momma living with my amazing hunny (Nicholas) and 1 year old (almost 2 year old, tear...) Harper Jane. I have been blessed with the most amazing Daddy to our baby and best friend to Me who takes such good care of his girls (including our Pomeranian Bella) and allows me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. Our little Harper girl is our pride and joy and we might be a tad obsessed. ;)

I am a newbie photographer and have just recently made my once a little hobby into a growing business. My new found love and business has taken off a lot faster than I could have ever dreamed but it has been a huge blessing for me and my family and I have high hopes for the future of Taylor Wintle Photography. I also have my cosmetology license and although I am not a working stylist I still have a passion for all things hair and beauty and would love to get back into doing hair one day. In my day to day life (besides taking care of my sweet pea) you can usually catch me watching my favorite reality TV shows (especially every season of The Real Housewives), Instagramming (follow me @xotaylorwintle, I'm obsessed and have made wonderful friends through IG), painting my nails, editing photo sessions, grocery shopping at Trader Joe's & Target, and of course the always boring laundry/cleaning/etc. Enough about me let me tell you a little about the cutest member of our family.

Harper aka Harper J/Harper Girl/HJ/Boogs/Harps

She is the epitome of sugar & spice!! This girl definitely keeps me on my toes all day. She has the cutest personality and is a little too smart for her own good. ;) Just kidding, but really! I love her infectious smile and giggles but she is also very serious sometimes but I just consider her very expressive LOL. She is an extreme girly girl who loves princess everything, baby dolls, jewelry, shoes, shopping, headbands & bows, and coloring! She is my own personal doll because I have turned my love of fashion and shopping into an obsession of all things stylish for little ones. She is truly a gem and I am one lucky lady to have her call me Mom!

I can not wait to share with you a little piece of us! xoxoxo

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Formal Hello!

Hi old friends and new to come!  I thought I'd write a little intro post about me.  I'm Wendy, co-founder of Confetti Babe.  I guess you can say I'm the extrovert of the two (you hear me Cynthia?).  We started Confetti Babe as a fun, little IG/Etsy shop and just recently decided to start a blog to showcase not only our stuff, but other mama shops too.  Then we figured to see and follow different lives and styles of different mamas would be fun.  And so Babe Bloggers was born!

I married my junior high crush, which I lost touch with for about 10 years and reunited thanks to Facebook (I know, right?), Jesse and have a 14 month old, Isela, who I'm over head over heels obsessed with.  Before having her I was pretty great at shopping for myself but ever since she's been around I can't stop adding to her closet, although I know she has plenty!  I mean, the cute just keeps on coming! 

Here's us a couple weeks before her 1st birthday (and of course she's sporting a Confetti Babe headband)!

 Jeremy Chou Photography

I'm also an event planner based out of Southern California (Go Bruins!).  You can visit me over at Just Wenderful Event Planning & Design if you're into party planning, especially weddings!  It's such a fun and different industry compared to psychology which is what I was originally doing.  Living in Los Angeles makes it so easy to craft, get creative and thrift.  My favorite thrift store is about 10 minutes away which doesn't help what my husband so-calls my "hoarding".  I refuse to believe him because it's stuff I use...eventually.  My favorite part of thrifting right now would probably be Isela's vintage finds!  Can't wait to share those!  

Stay tuned to read more about the other babe bloggers and for lots of new exciting stuff!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pink and Gold Giveaway!

Instagram has been so good to us and many other mama shops out there! Our first collab giveaway ever is up on our Instagram page.

Once our blog is officially running, we promise to have some up here too!  In the meantime, we have three mama bloggers signed up!  We're looking for 2 more and cannot be more excited to officially launch!

Happy Friday babes!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stella and Crew Wear Our Headbands!

Back in December when we had just started we sent out some of our bows to the pretty twins over at Stella and Crew!

Their mom Brooke is such a sweetheart along with the talented photographer Jeniso Photography!  Here are a couple of shots of the twin babes wearing some of our headbands.

Aren't they gorgeous?!  SO happy to share one our first babe style posts!