Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Toddler Zoey

Wow! What a year it has been! Zoey is now a toddler! She turned 1 on December 5th. I can't believe how fast time has gone by. It just seems like just yesterday I was holding my sweet newborn baby. Some days I wish I could rewind time just to have a little more of those precious moments. Why does time go by so quickly?

Here are a few pictures from her birthday party. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

All About Amelia- 9 months

Happy Tuesday, ConfettiBabe Readers!  I am a little late in posting this (what else is new?!), but better late than never!  Here is Amelia's 9 month update... three quarters of a year have passed for our little Amelia Grace!  Where in the world has time gone?  They were all right when they said "Time flies when you are having fun!"


20 pounds (71%) and 28 inches long (67%)

Sleeping Habits: What is sleep?!  Bedtime routine starting at 7pm and in her crib by 8pm.  She usually wakes up every 3-4 hours to eat (teething and MAJOR growth spurt) and a few other times to have her pacifier back and readjust.  Amelia does not stop moving even when she sleeps!  I never find her in the same spot I laid her down.  We usually can get two naps out of her, but most don't last more than 30 minutes!

Relaxing before bed with Daddy

Eating Habits: Amelia has three solid meals a day, plus snacks.  She is still breastfeeding about 6 times a day but also loves her sippy cup of water!

New Foods Amelia Tried: DAIRY!!! Amelia FINALLY outgrew her milk protein intolerance and we are having a blast trying tons of new foods! Pizza, Cheetos, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, chicken noodle soup, olives, yogurt, lasagna, chocolate chip cookies, and tuna were some of her favorites this month.

Trying Lasagna and Yogurt for the first time!

New Discoveries/Developments/Accomplishments: Amelia has mastered feeding herself by hand and hates when we try and feed her.  We are working on using a spoon, but aren't having much luck.  She LOVES her new sippy cup though!  She also took us by surprise and started using a straw all on her own!  On 11-3-14, Amelia randomly grabbed her Barnyard Sit/Stand toy and walked across the room.  Completely took both Brandon and I by surprise!  I am so grateful that she hasn't mastered walking on her own JUST yet and is still cruising along furniture or using mama's hands! 

Places Amelia Traveled: Grandpa/Grandma's house, Mimi and Papa's house, MOPS meetings, church, a craft fair AND Amelia got to go to work with mama a few times!

Special Events or Holidays: We celebrated our first Halloween with Minnie Mouse!  Amelia had a blast Trick or Treating at both grandpa Keith and Grandma Carole's AND Mimi and Papa's!  She was so spoiled with new treats and a new sippy cup and spoons.

 Checking out her goodies from Mimi and Papa

New Friends: We finally got a playdate in with Harper this month!  Her parents family have been an extension of the Koch's for almost 30 years.  It is so special that Harper and Amelia are only 2 weeks apart!

New Baby Babble:  "Baby" and "Mimi" are the only clear words for this month.  Amelia gets a kick out of finding herself in the mirror and saying "baaabeee" and playing her new baby dolls.  Another new development is more consistent giggles!  Amelia has the sweetest giggle and little voice I have ever heard!

Likes/Dislikes: Amelia still LOVES bath time and would spend a good hour in the tub with her toys if I would let her.  I enjoying giving her baths every night because hello... BABY MAGIC LOTION!  They really should sell Baby Magic air freshener so I could smell squishy baby smell all day long.  I wish I could say this has changed, but she still HATES getting in her car seat!  She has started arching her back, screaming and crying every single time we put her in her seat.  I am not sure why she hates it so much since she enjoys car rides (for the most part).  Her latest obsession is a baby doll that my dad and step-mom bought her.  She has one at our house as well, but doesn't seem to enjoy it as much.  She holds the baby by the arm and swings it around, bashes it's head into the floor (ok... it's cute when she does it, promise!) and gives it tons of open mouth kisses!

 Bath Time

Parents Update:  Brandon's business is really taking off and he is busier than ever!  It's both a blessing and a curse because it means we can pay the bills but we see less and less of him.  I was asked to come back to work at my old job a few weeks ago, so I am working Monday-Wednesday-Friday for the time being.  Things are crazy and I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day... the house is a mess, I hardly cook anymore and I can't remember the last time I shaved my legs... but we make it work!  We are having a blast playing with Amelia and getting to act like kids again!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Road Trip

These past couple.of weeks have been extremely busy! Life has been hectic and Zoey has taken her first family road trip!

We decided to travel to Chicago for Thanksgiving to spend it with my brother and his wife. We drove 12 hours straight! I was super worried about how Zoey would do being in the car so long. To our surprise, she was great! She didn't cry at all! She laughed much, played, danced, and ate.

I packed her plenty of snacks, juice, water, toys, an extra set of clothes, and plenty of wipes, and diapers. When we stopped to refill up on gas, I took her out to stretch her legs and to be free of her seat for a few minutes. Getting her back in her seat was sometimes a bit of a struggle because she didn't want to be strapped back down.

I am so excited that she did so great. Now the only thing to accomplish is the ride back back home. Lol.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

True Life: I'm a Bad Blogger

You guys... I have been AWFUL about blogging and I am terribly sorry!  I feel like my life is in fast forward at the moment and I am just running on autopilot.   This means that blogging has taken a backseat while I hold on and try to play catch up!

I have been back at my old job for the past two weeks and being a working mom is torture on my sanity.  I've said it before and I will say it again, I honestly don't know HOW working mom's do this ALL the time! I cannot keep up.  My house is a mess, my chore chart has fallen apart, my relationship with my husband has been neglected, I haven't shaved my legs in weeks (Okay, this isn't anything new) and I feel like little Amelia is changing every time I blink!
 Soaking up the last days of fall before it snowed in Nebraska

In the last few weeks, my little girl's vocabulary has exploded!  Our pediatrician was shocked at her 9 month appointment on Monday when Amelia's was babbling "baby" at herself in the mirror.  She now says "mama," "dada," "baba" (for Bobdog, our bullmastiff) "Mimi" and "papa" as well as "baby."  Her recent extreme lack of sleep was also explained by her sudden growth spurt.  My peanut is 28 inches tall and went from the 20th percentile in height to the 67th percentile.  Needless to say, I am exhausted but now feel a little satisfaction for the many sleepless nights we have had.
Playing her favorite baby at Grandpa and Grandma's house

In other wonderful news... Amelia is now tolerating dairy!  I haven't blogged about this yet, but Amelia has suffered from MSPI (Milk Soy Protein Intolerance) since she was diagnosed at 10 days old.  This means that in order to continue nursing, both she and I have been on a dairy free diet for the past EIGHT months (she outgrew soy intolerance by 4 months).  If you love ice cream, cheese and chocolate as much as I do, you understand why this has been pure torture.  I am so thankful that I was able to stick to the diet and maintain our breastfeeding relationship!

Homemade lasagna followed by yogurt... I'll take the messy face if it means I can eat dairy!

I am so excited that we can both enjoy all the holiday foods coming up!  I was getting super nervous that I wouldn't be able to enjoy our families Thanksgiving feast if we were still dairy-free.  It's a silly thing to worry about, but Thanksgiving dinner is my absolute favorite and I look forward to it all year long.

Amelia and I want to wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving and we sincerely hope you are able to enjoy family time with those who matter most!  We also hope you score everything on your Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday wish list!!!

Until next time,

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Total Meltdown

I had a total meltdown today. The realization that my baby will be turning 1 in a few weeks has hit me like a ton of bricks. Zoey has so much character and personality, it's hard to imagine her any other way.

I can remember how she used to look up at me and make sweet soft coo noises. Now she's running around everywhere talking baby babble and saying "uh-oh"and "bye bye".

I watched her sleep and just cried my eyes out (yes, ugly cry) because she's growing up too fast. I want her to stay this tiny and innocent, and perfect. I wish that I could pause time and play life as I choose to,

I'm sharing some photos from our very 1st birthday party we attended.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Baby Nichols 2.0

Well guys, so sorry I've been MIA lately! I promise to catch you guys up and let you in on what's been going on! But, first, we've got some exciting news to share!!

Nichols Family is growing!! Laikyn will be getting a baby sister or brother for her 2nd birthday! We are so happy, a little overwhelmed but overall just BLESSED to know that God chose us to be parents again! 

We are due with baby 2 on June 17th, 2015, just 3 days before Laikyn's second birthday. As if June wasn't crazy enough...Brett's birthday, our anniversary and now two kids birthdays! It will be my most favorite month ever! 

I am almost 9 weeks and we have gone to our first dr appointment and sonogram! Baby is growing well and has a strong heartbeat! We couldn't wait to share the news with everyone!!

I'll be doing my weekly bumpdates just like I did with Laikyn! So far, this pregnancy has been a little easier on my body! I have been sick twice, but nothing like the everyday all day nausea that I had with LC! Praying that the sickness stays at bay so I can enjoy my busy little one year old!

I'm so excited and can't wait to know if Laikyn will get a sister or brother!! She is going to be the best big sister!!! 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Confetti Babe Reps!

We have the pleasure of introducing of our first and new Confetti Babe reps!

Can't wait for these beauties to start rocking our stuff!  We have so many new things coming to our StoreEnvy shop opening up in just 8 days!

Stay tuned!

Friday, November 7, 2014


Recently, I was introduced to a group in my town called MOPS. I hadn't heard much about anything for moms and babies to do besides gymnastics, so I was really interested in finding out.

We were invited to the August MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) and I loved it! Not only was the breakfast amazing (think homemade yumminess) but I got to visit with other moms of little ones while my little one was playing with other little ones! Win-Win!  I enjoyed it so much that I joined the group and go bi-monthly on Tuesdays.

We had a MOPS meeting today and I left feeling better than when I went. The thing is, these moms pray with you...pray over you...pray for others....have great hearts.  I am blessed by our group and am so proud to be a part of something so wonderful.

MOPS is a worldwide organization. MOPS is a grassroots movement that believes moms are world influencers.
We also believe that incubating hearts and giving just-because-hugs can change the course of history. That’s why we connect moms all over the world to a community of women, in their own neighborhoods, who meet together to laugh, cry and embrace the journey of motherhood. MOPS groups are rallying women to be more honest, to feel more equipped and to find our identity by journeying along side one another.
MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, and by preschoolers we mean kiddos from birth through kindergarten. We know it's a little confusing so let's just stick with "MOPS."
We are moms, and we believe that better moms make a better world. (Taken from the MOPS website).
You can visit THIS website to find a MOPS group near you.  Seriously, mamas, it's a great organization to be a part of.
And, I'll leave you with a picture of my little moppet being a big girl and going into MOPS today! She's getting way too big for her britches.

Give Thanks November

Happy November ConfettiBabe Readers!

How in the world is it already NOVEMBER?!  Am I the only one who is having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that 2014 is almost over?  I am so sorry that I was MIA last week.  We were so busy with Halloween activities that I completely lost track of the day and forgot to post!  Amelia has been going through a nap refusal period, so things have been extra crazy in our household.  Combine that with her spurt of extreme activeness and the process of learning to walk... you can understand where I am coming from.  She is so busy now that I didn't even get a clear picture of her in her adorable Minnie Mouse costume!

This is the only picture I have of her looking at the camera... and it's blurry =(

 She was far too interested in the goodies she received to look at mama!

November is one of my favorite months.  Not only is the weather perfect, crisp but not too cold (okay... who am I kidding?  I live in Nebraska; it could snow tomorrow!), but it's full of family time and togetherness.  I look forward to my families Thanksgiving feast all year long.  Side note, why do we save turkey and all the fixings for one time of year?  In my opinion, it should be served at least once a month!

For the past several years, I have challenged myself to use the month November to remember all the reasons I have to give thanks.  God is so good and this is just a small way that I can let the world know just how eternally grateful I am for His grace!  If you don't already do something like this, I urge to take the plunge and give it a try!  It makes me feel so much better about life all month long!

Some of the reasons I gave thanks this month:
-MOPS - I know Ashlee posted earlier this week about her MOPS group [post here] and I adore my local group as well. MOPS is such an amazing organization and brings mamas from all different walks of life together.  I love it so much, I joined TWO different groups!
-My faith - Love for God. Enough said.  I could write endless posts on my love for God and all he has blessed me with in life.
-Good health - This is no small reason to give thanks.  I see posts daily on Facebook and Instagram about just how quickly someone's health can change.  Every day is a gift; treat it as such!

This is only a snippet of the reasons I intend on giving thanks during the month of November.  It's only seven days in and I already have more reasons than days in the month.  I hope you all join me on this journey and realize just how many reasons you have to be thankful as well!

I'll leave you with one of the few clear pictures I've snapped of Amelia lately.  The only time this girl is still these days is when she's strapped in her car seat! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pssst, READ ME!

Okay mamas, it's time for another giveaway! I previously wrote about a mocc shop that I love and we are brand reps for. Well, the shop is giving a pair of your choice custom moccs! That's right, custom!

This shop is absolutely amazing! The customer service is outstanding and the quality is through the roof.

As some of you may know, it can be difficult building a customer base when you are first starting out. Crafty Little Jay is growing and we want you to be apart of our growth! You'll love your moccs, I promise!

Head over to @craftylittlejay on Instagram to enter! Giveaway ends November 12th!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Easy Egg Muffins

Hello again, Confettibabe readers!  I hope you all had a tremendous week!  My week has been extremely crazy and has me desperate for the weekend!

Most of you know I am a stay at home mom.  In my "past life," I was the Director of Sales for Skilled Nursing at a local continuum of care facility.  Old people are my jam and I loved serving and helping a vulnerable population!  When I left my position to stay home full time with Amelia, my work was pretty upset.  They asked me to stay employed as a consultant and fill in when things got crazy or they needed an extra set of hands.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because on Monday, my work called and asked me to come in for a few days this week and next... and who am I to turn down some extra money before the Holidays?!

I am extremely fortunate that my father is "semi-retired" and able to watch Amelia pretty much at a moments notice.  My mother-in-law is a hair stylist and sets her own schedule, so she is also very flexible given a few days notice and willing clients to rearrange their appointments.  With child care all arranged, this mama was headed back to the workforce for a few days!

Enter... My super easy Egg Muffins!  These were my go-to while pregnant and make for a healthy breakfast option on the go!  The best part is, these are completely customizable to your taste and dairy-free diets like mine!  I totally forgot about this recipe until this week and did a major forehead slap for not making these more often now that I am home!

Main Ingredients:
Eggs (I use 9 whole eggs to make 12 muffins. You can also do just egg whites if that's your thing.)
Milk (dairy, soy, almond... mine were made with almond)
Cooking spray (or butter, coconut oil, whatever you use to grease a pan!)

Optional Ingredients:
Meat (bacon, ham, turkey sausage, hamburger, steak, chicken, ANYTHING!)
Peppers (green, yellow, red, orange)
Olives (YUCK! But to each their own)
       ***Ingredients in italics are what I used in my Egg Muffins because they were on hand***


1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and grease your muffin tins with oil.

2.  Beat eggs with approximately 1/4 cup milk.  Use your judgement on more/less milk based how creamy you want your eggs.

3. Pour 1/4 cup egg mixture into each muffin tin.  Your measuring cup works great for this!

4. Sprinkle ingredients into each muffin cup.  This is where you can get super creative!  Make them all the same or personalize for each person you are feeding!

5. This step isn't imperative, but I swirl the ingredients in each tin with a knife to mix them up a bit. 

6. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes (adjust based on your oven and altitude).

7. Remove from muffin tins (the oil should allow them to slide right out!) and serve!  Or let cool and refrigerate / freeze for later.


So, there ya have it!  My super easy Egg Muffin recipe!  Do you any of you have other go-to, quick breakfast ideas?  I am always looking for ways to make my life easier, especially now that I am back at work for a bit!  I would love to hear from you.

Until next time,